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    Same issue. Just got my 4 today and was setting it up tonight and got the message. Then again and again. Sometimes airplane mode works, sometimes rebooting. Looks like I need to stop back at apple tomorrow. let me know if you hear anything else. Love the phone, but definitely annoying...
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    Well, I've had the 4G for just over a week, and no issues. Until Sunday night. Then I started getting this "No Sim Card Installed" error. I originally tried powering off and back on... and that helped. Thought it may have been a one time thing, but then it started happening more frequently.

    Searched the web and found this discussion. Since then I've tried the airplane mode fix -- Worked once! I've reseated the sim.. Worked a couple times, and powered off and on... WOrked a few times. But so far NONE of those options fixed the problem long term.

    I called AT&T who were no help. I told them the apple discussion group was full of simular issues. He transferred me to apple... Apple is not aware of this being an issue... But working with me to get this resolved. >sigh<

    First thing he had me do was a HARD REBOOT... (holding the power button and the home button down until the screen goes black and the apple symbol comes back).

    Then they had me go into settings, general, and toggle the enable 3g under general/network settings off and on for about 20 to 30 seconds, ending in the ON position.

    And at this time, the phone is working fine. But for how long, I have no idea. I have an open case with them, and if there are any further issues I will call them and continue searching for a resolution.

    I asked why with all of the discussion here why they seemed to not know of the issue as being a bug in the new phone. They don't consider it a bug evidently. They are treating each case as an independent issue. It could be dust on the sim, it could be software conflicts, it could be hardware ... they are trouble shoooting each one from the start. Instead of saying 'replace the phone'... they are doing all the other petty crap first.

    Anyway -- hoping this solves my problem... but there is two things they had me try above that weren't previously listed in this thread... so maybe that will help someone.
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    Iphone 4*

    No G.
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    Okay, I think I've got a permanent solution to this problem... Short of returning the cell phone.

    On the under side of the sim tray there is a piece that is raised at the edge of the tray. That edge, when pushed in must force the reader to press against the SIM chip.

    If you put a tiny tiny tiny piece of tape on the front of that edge to push against the reader mechanism just a little bit more it more tightly presses against the chip. I was having issues 10-20 times a day or more... since I've done this, I have not had a single problem.

    I am still going to pursue getting the phone replaced... to me, it looks like bad quality control.
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    i also found a solution in here, take a look. just like they described in this post, put some tape on the sim tray...
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    Apple replaced my phone. What doesn't make sense is that my phone worked fine for the first two weeks, and then the SIM problem arose - why would it take two weeks to reveal itself? Its not like this is something that moves - the tray should remain fixed in place.

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    so i am having yet the same problem as everyone else i just received my iphone 4 today and it was working perfect until this evening around 8 oclock when it said NO SIM at the top left corner now i tried syncing it up and nothing i have done has fixed it
    do i need to go to the at and t store? because i would hate to know that i paid 300 DOLLARS for a piece of crap phone
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    Sorry. Forgot to post the resolution. I ended up taking the phone to the Apple Store 2 days after I purchased it. They had to switch it out and give me a new phone. I no longer have this problem. Sorry it took soo long to post. This was resolved 2 days after the Iphone 4 was released.
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    Yah, i've had the same issue, bought my phone 2 days ago, no issues yesterday. Today I looked at it and it had an error "No Sim Card Installed" found a post by a company that had this issue, they determined it was the Sim card shorting on the metal tray thats holding it.

    hope this helps
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    Should this be blamed on Apple engineers? Or ATT for not knowing how to make a sim card fit? I didn't have to use tape, but after pushing the sim card to expose more of the sim cards interface, it works. But only until it moves back. Honestly this is amateur, I mean either company make billions of dollars and issues as small as these should not be. iPhone 4 seems to be a bit of a failure, the bumper, lol come on, and now the sim care off of two different phones???
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    I call all this being lazy and only thinking about money. How else would you fail, where is the Quality Control?
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    Just had my first No Sim error. Happened when I was syncing with iTunes. The solution to switch airplane mode on and off worked!! Thanks so much for this. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.
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    Ok.  Here is the deal.  I had this occur with my wife's iPhone 4.  The problem is with Apple and not with AT&T.  This is not a baseband problem.  I can only explain this problem occuring for a iphone that has been replaced between iOS4 and iOS5 release.  When you first buy an iPhone, you have a serial number and IMEI number recorded by Apple by their "Activation Group."  This number will not be the same on a replacement phone.  If these numbers are not "linked" in Apple's database when you update, the system sees your new phone as either tampered with or stolen and prevents it from functioning.  This problem repeats itself again and again with replacement phones because their serial number and IMEI will also not match the original number listed in Apple's database.  When you call Apple or go to the Genius Bar you will need to explain this.  You will need to bring your original IMEI number and serial number with you.  These will be sent to the "Activation Group."  Within 24-48 hours your phone will again spontaneously begin working.  This discovery took forever and almost drove me crazy.  Your original phone's serial number and IMEI number can be found in iTunes preferences under devices.  Hold the cursor over the name of your device backups and a small yellow box will appear with the numbers in them.

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    I just swapped the plastic sim tray with my wife's and it works fine.  If you have a friend that has same iphone, you should try this.  It worked for me!!