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So the iPhone 4's WiFi "n" only supports 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz? Is this true? I cannot connect to my Airport Extreme's 5 GHz mode only to the a/b/g with 2.4

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    That is what I heard. Can you set airport to dual mode?
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    I read somewhere that the "n" band for the iPhone 4 is at 2.4 GHz NOT 5 GHz.

    I have a dual band AEBS and my home network setup with 5 GHz n-band for my MacBook Air and a Guest Network with a/b/g at 2.4 GHz. In setting up my Tivo wifi N-adapter, I discovered that the N-band was trans/receiving on Channel 1 at 2.4GHz and Channel 149 at 5 GHz. So the iPhone 4 picks up the Channel 1 n-band at 2.4 GHz NOT the Channel 149 n-band at 5 GHz.

    My problem now with my iPhone 4 is that it picked my network n-band (2.4 GHz) for awhile and now only connects with my Guest Network for a/b/g at 2.4 GHz. It will NOT join the n-band network. Why?
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    it doesnt matter. You are talking about the speed of the frequency modulation. while a faster frequency is better in a place where there is lots of RF trasnmission going on and longer range the through put of the data is what matters most, unless you are concerned more that you want the better range with MIMO.

    You can maintain HD fidelity at about 40Mbps.
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    Try your AEBS in Radio Mode-Automatic, and Radio Channel Selection-Automatic. This should set dual-band operation to 802.11a/n - 802.11b/g/n with your 5gHz on channel 149 and your 2.4gHz on channel 6. The guest network should operate on both.