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    The only way I can make the pnone vibrate for text messages only is to acually set a ring tone for the texts in Settings and then flip the switch on the side of the phone to make the phone "silent". This only works if you have vibrate on to begin with of course. The only down side is that your In-Call ring tone will not sound, however the phone will vibrate for the incoming calls as well.

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    Flip the silent switch to red on the left side of the phone.   That should do it.

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    Starters, it goes without saying that you should have vibrate set to ON. Second, I don't have "none" selected and my phone still will NOT vibrate when I get a text message from someone IF I've selected a text tone for them. This all the sudden started happening after I synced my phone with the newest itunes.

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    Under Settings, go to Sounds and switch both the vibrate on ring and vibrate on silent buttons.


    Then scroll down to sounds and vibration patterns.


    Select your ringtone. When chosen, there will be a box titled Vibration above all the ringtones. This may be set to None. Click on it and select Default, your phone will vibrate.


    Do this for your text tone too.


    I found mine were set to None when I updated it. To stop the vibrations, simply turn off the vibrate on ring and vibrate on silent buttons.


    I hope this helps, if not then definitely see an Apple expert  

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    Okay i don't Know if somebody said something about this but, I realized my text tone was the problem. I think this file might've been corrupted or something when I transferred it but the text tone i chose for my phone would not vibrate on silent nor make a sound. I figure this out when I was playing with the phone and someone texted me, it wasnt making sound nor vibrating, even with the settings to make it vibrate on silent.


    Excuse my babbling but anyway, the text tone (if bought from iTunes Store) might be corrupted. To test this out switch to another text tone, have someone text you and see if that is your problem. (Have them text you both when your phone is on silent and when the volume is up)


    If this is your problem just remove the corrupted text tone. You can do this by:


    1. go on iTunes on your computer


    2. Plug your phone in and click on it to see the info about your phone


    3. Go to tones


    4. Uncheck the tone that is corrupted (this should remove it from your phone)


    5. Click apply and let your phone sync.


    6. recheck the box of the the tone an let it reinstall into your phone.


    7. Do what I said in the beginning and have someone text you to check if this works.



    This should've work cuz it worked for me ^-^ good luck!

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    Try the do not disturb feature- it is the half moon icon, you can shut it off on your notification center

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    If you have do not disturb mode on try turning it of!!!

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    Go to sounds, text tone, none. It will work then

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