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I keep getting the red exclamation point whenever I try to send a picture to someone, what could be the problem?

09, iPhone OS 3.1.3, None
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    Do you have MMS enabled? Settings > Messages > MMS messaging ON
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    Yea, I do.
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    I am having the same issue. I can send text messages no problem. If I try to send a picture, the status bar on top gets to about 90% and stops. After a minute I get a pop up stating to retry or cancel.
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    Hey Howie,
    I just tried again and I finally sent a picture without getting the red exclamation point. It took a while. It probably took three minutes before it completed. I am not sure what the issue is, larger pictures, etc. I was connected via wifi though.
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    I found out what the issue was!!!! I can now send group text and Photos again. The issue was AT&T! When I upgraded to iPhone 4 they put me on the new $20.00 text plan which I found out two days later on the 25th. I had them put me back on the unlimited plan. Well, I just learned 5 minutes ago from AT&T is that they never changed me to the family text plan. They had me on the same plan without photo texting (which is an option). So whom ever out there is having an issue with texting groups or photos call AT&T to make sure they did not screw around with your plan.
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    I just started having this problem this afternoon - not sure what it is, never happened before. I have unlimited messaging so I don't think that person's reply about the text plan would apply to my problem. Anyone else have any ideas? It'll get to about 90% on the status bar, then stops --- got the red exclamation point 2x then it finally went through after retrying and having it linger at 90% for a good five minutes. I restarted the phone - all is updated as far as software so if anyone knows why this is happening, please let me know! Thanks!