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Josh Bright Level 1 (0 points)
So, finally got my iPhone from Fedex, and I go to use it, and it wont stay on for longer than 5-10 minutes. I've tried restoring it (first was doing it on my windows gaming machine, but now trying to do it from my mac, more trust in that).

I've been looking for others with this issue and i'm not finding much for this new iPhone (saw some stuff after 3.1.3 came out), anyone else having this problem?

Going to give Apple a call tomorrow and see what can be done, but would like to know in the meantime if anyone else has had the problem, or knows how to fix it.

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • IamSaucey Level 1 (0 points)
    Same thing is happening to my wife's phone. If you get a resolution please let me know. I'll do the same. Right now I'm shutting it off and letting it charge completely (fool heartedly hoping that does the trick).
  • Josh Bright Level 1 (0 points)
    Yeah im gonna do the restore from my macbook, then let it charge all the way and try it.. if not I guess ill be calling Apple tomorrow, nearest apple store is 300 miles away =(.

    If I get it going tonight ill update this post and let you know though!
  • toothdoc18 Level 1 (0 points)
    My iPhone 4 is shutting down also, but randomly after extended times of unuse. Spoke with Apple support a couple of days ago and they had no answers other than restoring my phone. I am trying that now.
    I'll let you know if it works.
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    I have almost these exact same symptoms my iPhone 4 can be on and working fine then small little graphical glitches start to appear on the screen and then about 5 mins later it will normally lock up and then reset itself and then its just in a loop working fine for a little while then glitches then lock & reset. Once the glitches appear apps will crash most of the time and even apples own apps (safari, settings, camera, messages, weather) will load and then instantly crash back to the menu. I have tried restoring the phone from a backup and to original settings and none of these have worked. I have a appointment with apple for tuesday to hopefully fix or replace my phone as i described what was happening to both o2 (carrier in the UK) and apple. I really did not want to give my one back as it has not suffered from the other big problems reported. Hopefully apple can fix this as it looks like a software problem to me as the graphical glitches are not static on the screen say they show up while going through your bookmarks as you scroll down or up the glitches move with the screen. This *****
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    Same problem, shuts down after 2 minutes. Been into the Apple store and they have no idea why, checked all my settings everything fine. He offered me a new phone but, I went into the Apple shop in Boston (US) but live in the UK so would rather change it in the UK. I don't think it is the phone as so many people seem to have the same problem. Haven't been able to charge it to 100% yet as it keeps shutting down and restarting. Used it for one phone call when it turned itself off in the middle. I am really mad stuck overseas with no mobile phone working - anyone got any ideas please post on here
  • Hawk-Firestorm Level 1 (30 points)
    My 3gs used to do this started a few months back though not persistantly also the Battery percentage used to hop all over.

    Not had this on my 4 though.

    Maybe run till flat and recharge to full to calibrate see if that sorts it.
  • bingoman123 Level 1 (10 points)
    I think this issue might be related to iOS4 as this happens on my recently updated 2nd gen iPod touch. It just restarts itself every now and then and the Apple logo appears and gets stuck till I manually restart it again. Very annoying!
  • belvueblue Level 1 (0 points)
    Having the same problems, although the timing is random. At times it will work fine for hours, then it shuts down. It was fully recharged this morning (using my computer connections to my Mac), after I unplugged it from my Mac, it shut down after about 5 minute. I got it back on and did a restore, battery is fully charged...and it died again after the restore was completed and I unplugged it. Very frustrating. If anyone finds a solution, please post.
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    I preordered my iPhone at Best Buy, Houston Tx
    9:30am later that evening my phone shut off for hours. It take 3-10 minutes to hold down the two buttons and just wait and wait for it to come on. Since the 24th my cell has shut off 3-5 times a day. Apples sr tech tried to walk me thru restore but my iTunes says "n/a" in recovery mode and will not finish. Sr tech couldn't help.
    I never had a problem w the original or the 3GS. As much as I pay for AT&T accounts this isn't worth it. I rather go to my 3GS at least I know it won't shut off.
  • mewoshh Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem with my iphone 4. It shuts off with exact intervals of 3min. Really weird if you ask me, seems to be a software problem. Tried restoring, but with no luck. Anyone found a solution to this?
  • Cpl BadBoy Level 2 (220 points)
    Dont know if my problem is related but my ip4 has just switched off and will not switch back on. Its dead. It wont show up as charging or anything. Of to Apple tomorrow for a new one. Its my 3rd phone. unbelievably bad QC by Apple.
  • Cpl BadBoy Level 2 (220 points)

    Thanks to the forums Ive done the hard reset (home button and lock button for 30sec) and its switched back on!
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    same problem, is there any solution for this ?
  • KGK7 Level 1 (0 points)
    Experiencing the same problem, phone shuts off every 2-3 minutes, any suggestion/solution would be very helpful.