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Anyone else have this problem? Tried doing Facetime with my sister today, (sitting across from each other in same room.. same wifi network) and noticed my front camera doesn't work. I could see her, but she couldn't see me. Also, in Camera app, pressing the top right button doesn't do anything. Tried turning phone off and back on, also hard reset. Nothing worked. Set up an appointment for the Genius Bar tomorrow.

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    Mine doesn't work as well.. When I'm in the camera app pressing the swap camera button doesn't do anything. The screen just pauses then it times out and turns the back camera on. Also facetime doesn't show anything coming from my iPhone.
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    My front camera doesn't work, and neither does the rear camera. I've restored, still doesn't work.
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    Yep, I'm having the same stupid problems. I load the camera app and tap on the button to switch to the front camera. Then, the screen dims slightly and freezes there. I can't switch back to the rear camera. All I can do is close back to the home screen. I hope this isn't a hardware problem... only some bug in the software. But we'll see.
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    Hey there,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems too. Kind of a bummer but Apple took care of me:


    Just make a genius appointment (you can do it on your phone with the Apple App) and get a new one.
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    I took my wife's 16gb iPhone 4 to the Genius Bar and the Apple Genius fixed this camera issue. All he did was fully reset and wipe out the phone. The camera worked after that. For syncing, he instructed us to NOT sync from the old backup of the phone, but to sync it as a NEW phone. We were still able to load all the apps, contacts, and other stuff in it later. I'm glad he was able to fix this issue without replacing the phone. But just in case, when I called in to make the appointment, I did ask ahead of time if that specific Apple store had replacement iPhones available to swap if they couldn't fix the issue. Hope this information helps anyone else out!
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    I set up my iphone4 as a new phone and the front facing camera only worked for a day or two. I just restored it as new again and that didn't fix it. This is the second Iphone4 I have gotten because the first one had a problem with the sensor that turns the screen on and off as you put it to your ear. I also have the camera "freezing" up or just not opening. The "Docs to Go" App won't load and most of the music isn't recognized by the phone. I have done the restore thing on the two Iphone4's, either as new or from backup a combined 8-10 times and have done dozens of hard resets and about a million turn off and turn ons. I have made about 15-20 calls to Apple and AT&T. On Apples request, I spent about 8 hours, off and on, completely uninstalling everything to do with Apple off my computer and reinstalling it, which I think is when it decided to not recognize a lot of my info.
    I don't think I could bare another "I'm Sorry" from either of them. What I would like is a check. I figure about 12 hours of lost work at $25 $300
    Another $5 per apology to each of my customers I "hung up" on x$15 $ 75
    And for the aggravation and stress, I guess a couple hundred will do _$200_
    TOTAL $575.00
    Refund Iphone4 $699
    Grand Total $1274

    Thats more than fair, but I'll never see it

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    wow just got my new iphone 4 and i walk out the att store and test my new camera and the rear cam dont work!!! it works for like two secs. then it locks up and restarts the phone!!!
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    I have the same problem. Has there been a fix yet?
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    Over here as well. Exact same problem. I do REALLY hope that this is a software problem that can just be fixed with an update and not a hardware problem, cause Steve...this time a bumper ain't gonna do the trick.

    What also ****** me off is that as usual there is no word from Apple even admitting this problem exists when you just need to google "iPhone 4 front camera problem" and get like a million hits...
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    Yea, me again. On my 2nd Iphone and my front camera still doesn't work. I've done a restore and restored as a new phone. I've turned it off and on a thousand times and thought about getting a witch doctor involved. Oh, and the blue tooth doesn't work either. At this point, I wouldn't buy an apple from apple, even without a bite in it. I refuse to call them again as I am sick of getting advice that doesn't work and having to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm not an idiot.So I guess I basically got a poor version of an 3GS. Just not as good, different looking and a lot more expensive.