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  • adalliv06 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So my phone would randomly do this but it would eventually get fixed on it's own so didn't really think much of it honestly. I just thought it was some sort of software glitch. I finally decided to google to see if any one else had the same issue and why it was happening.


    So glad I found this post b/c the fix worked perfectly for me! Had to do a bit more than tapping though. Had to shake the phone and simultaneously smack it with my palm but finally it vibrates again!!


    Thank you!

  • patrickfromburlington Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dude! You are a GENIOUS! I tried all the TRICKS! and YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO SOLVED this problem to me! Actually, you're right, once i started the IBRATE, at the beginning it didn't work, but after i kept tapping, it UNJAMMED the VIBRATION, and it worked! Thanks man! This is the problem SOLVED! Thumbs UP!

  • simboden Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much! Fixed it right away!!!

  • JPisme123 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Alright, so clearly I'm insane because it's 5:30 am and I haven't slept in a while, however, about 5 minutes ago this happened out of nowhere to me too, I kinda freaked out for a sec, but then I looked this little problem up, luckily I found this page, I followed the steps posted by mrshinyteeth, and the problem was

    Solved right? Wrong, I did what was instructed but now, the vibrate functions only when my phones vibrate/ silent switch is off, get it? So when I turn vibrate on it's only silent, and when I turn it off it makes sound AND vibrates, so it's kind of backwards... Now I thought about calling apple or going to them directly to get a replacement but I'm pretty sure the warranty has expired, I think I still have a warranty with AT&T, but I think that only covers malfunctions of the device itself, like with the screen not turning on or something, the thing is, a looooong time ago I stopes my phone and the stupid case came off doing nothing to protect the beautiful back glass of my iPhone 4, so now the back screen is all messed up and cracked, I'm pretty sure they would just say it's cause i dropped it and they'll just blame it on me... So what should I do? Or am I just wasting my time and am going to have to live with this very annoying problem? Thanks for any answers.

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    Just wanted to say thanks to "mrshinyteeth" ! I know it's been over a year since you posted the fix to the vibe issue, but your idea still works fine. I just bought the iPhone4 three weeks ago, and realized last night that the vibe wasn't working at all. I followed your directions to the letter, and bingo,success! Thumbs up to you and all the folks in this help community. Much appreciated.

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    **** sir, your a genius! Thanks a lot!

  • whatever5234 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Really? D, A, M, N, needs to be censored? Four stars look more like a swear word to me.

  • svk1965 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The iBrate fix worked for me.  Many thanks.  Saved me a call to Apple and I'm out of warranty.  Thankfully, I found this post first.  You're the best!

  • Stephan Matthys Level 2 Level 2 (285 points)

    As unfortunately the iBrate fix didn't work for me, I decided to follow the iFixit guide for the vibrator replacement. What I found was the seal ring of the flash LED that was stuck in the vibrator & hindered the vibrator rotating.
    Now it's working again.


    So thanks to the iFixit crew and als to mrshinyteeth for the hint with iBrate.

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    Ok guys here the scoop on the iPhone not vibrating. I had the same problem but bc Im on ios5 they told me that I can't have a new phone so I said fine imma find a solution. The hitting the phone did work for a little bit then it stopes completely so I got bored and did a little science project and dissected my phone the vibrate motor is in the corner by the switch I found out that there a piece of tape that is touching the metal piece of the motor I simply move the tape and presto it works with out a problem. Now I'm not responsible if you rip your phone apart and break it. But that piece of tape is the culprit the only reason I took the phone apart is bc I am outta warranty. With that be warned and dont do it unless you feel confertable with playing with small parts

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    ... hi and another thanks for solving the problem.


    to me it just happened that right after the ios 5 update it stopped vibrating. i of course thought it was somehow related to the update and tried all software related tricks, was already close to do a full restore - but it was just a simple mechanical glitch.


    thanks again pointig out the solution AND an app that just let it vibrate; who the **** has something like that on his phone already, or does even think it'd exist

  • Juan Mejia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If Ibrate doesn't work for you. Get a pentalobe screw driver at Amazon. It only costs $1.64 delivery included.(just in case you have one of the newer models without the Phillips screws). Open your iPhone and check for a loose piece of tape beside the vibrator. Use a blade to stick it well and close your phone. Fixed in less than 5 minutes.

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    My vibration on my iphone 4 died.  I purchased a replacement vibrator motor and replaced it in about 5 minutes.  You do not need to remove the battery, but you will need the right screw driver.  I have the older version that requires either a 000 or 00 Phillips Driver.  Also, it helps to have a small flat head screw driver.  Take your time and make sure you are working on a white surface in order to see the screws/tools.  ***Do not bother to send the phone in for repairs or having a company do is easy!***

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    Amazing solution, thank you!!! However, short lived, a week later the phone stopped vibrating again and will not resume no matter what I do.   I CAN'T BELIEVE APPLE HAS NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED THE PROBLEM AFTER 4 PAGES OF POSTS!!!!!


    It pi-ss-es me off so much how much credit we give them for the "amazing" quality products they put out when in the end it's just as much junk as anything else.  In fact, no other phone that I owned since 1996 has even broken down in any of it's functions. 

  • tariqhashem Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Man this worked! Great solution saved me time and money to fix it! THX

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