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I use the original Apple Composite AV Cable (part number MB129LL) on my iPhone 3G (former OS version 3.1.3) to watch movies borrowed in the iTunes store. This is the recommended cable, and it always worked fine.

On monday I updated my iPhone to iOS 4, and yesterday it tried to watch another movie with my iPhone, but it does not work anymore. The screen on my TV stays black, the video is shown on the iPhone's display, sometime I hear sound . Also, the phone now sometimes shows the message, that this accessory is not designed to work with this iPhone.

Seems like Apple screwed up something in iOS4, currently this officially recommended accessory does not work with my phone anymore. Is there anybody out there who can confirm this as a know bug in iOS4? Or someone who can tell me how to fix this? Unfortunately there seems to be no way to downgrade to OS 3.1.3.


iMac 20" Core Duo 2.0GHz, Mac OS X (10.6), 2 GB RAM, 256MB Video RAM. 500 GB Harddrive