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I have an iPhone 3G. I am currently out of the country, so I need my cell phone pretty badly. Yesterday, I was talking on it, no problems, working like a charm. At some point last night, it told me I had no service. When I went to try a new carrier, it said for each one "Restricted Network: Your selected celluar network is restricted. You can choose a different network in Settings." despite the fact that these networks all worked 10 hours ago.

Then I went to look at my network, at it said "not available." When I got more details, it said "SIM not provisioned." WHAT? What does that mean?

I have not done ANYTHING to my phone between 10 hours ago and now. Why would it work then and not now? How do I get my service back?? I need access to my cell phone.

HP, Windows XP
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    I've got some drops calls on the iPhone 4. Signal keeps dropping when I hold the phone. FRUSTRATING!!
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    Really now? Thats riddiculous. ^^^^^

    I am having the same problems. What does it mean?
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    Have you gotten any answers about this problem???

    I have a similar situation. I have an older iPhone (I think it's 3G - but not sure - on a different subject, how can I figure that out?). I used to live in the U.S., and my provider was AT&T. But recently I moved to Canada. They didn't have any iPhones at the Rogers or Telus stores, but one of the guys at Rogers helped me jailbreak my phone. So all I had to do was put a new Rogers SIM card in my same-old-phone and I was a Rogers customer. Didn't have to buy a new phone and didn't have to enter any kind of contract. Great!

    The guy at the Rogers store told me NOT to upgrade my phone's software, but I completely forgot. So I did upgrade the software when I was syncing my phone, and it restored my phone to it's original settings. The phone is completely locked, with an icon on the screen that says to plug into iTunes. When I plug in, iTunes tells me my phone doesn't have a recognizable SIM card.

    I put my old AT&T SIM card BACK into the phone, and it went through a bunch of load up stuff, and at least now my phone is functioning again - I mean, I can pick up wifi, use my calendar, etc. BUT it says "No Service" where the AT&T bars usually are. And when I look at my network - it says the same thing you got... "SIM not provisioned".

    Wondering if you ever made any progress with your situation that might help my situation???