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The process to get the outlook contacts on iPhone: ALL OK.
After 2 years, the reverse process (contacts from iPhone to new PC with outlook): iPhone looses all data (Contacts + calendar) and then starts to sync properly.

Can someone help? Thanks.


iPhone 3G16Gb, iOS 4
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    You never want to sync to an empty address book or calendar on your computer. Doing so effectively tells the sync process to remove any contact & calendar data from your phone. So, make sure you have at least ONE entry in each of the contact & calendar programs on your computer. This will generate a merge or replace prompt when you do sync, with merge being the correct choice.
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    OK. Thank you. I'll try.
    Do I have to flag the contacts merge box in iTunes ("replace data on this iPhone"...). DOn't know the exact translation because i'm using iTunes in Italian...

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    When you sync, a popup should appear, asking to "merge" or "replace" regarding your contacts & calendars...select merge. Do not select the "replace" option under advanced. To insure you get the merge or replace prompt, with your phone connected, itunes running, right click the phone in the left device pane & select "Reset Warnings".
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    You were so clear and helpful!
    Everything went THE PERFECT WAY.
    I'm so happy...
    Your info concerning the "ONE" entry to be put into outlook calendar & contacts was THE info I couldn't find anyware else.

    When you come to Italy we'll have a glass of very good wine

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    You're welcome.