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    I have experienced an issue on my iPhone 4, when listening to the iPod app with headphones (v-moda ear buds) where my volume jumps at seemingly random intervals from whatever volume I set it to (like 40%) to full 100% max all by itself with no input from me. Not only does it blow my ears out (can I sue Apple for that?), but it is really freaky to watch the volume slider jump like it's being controlled by a demon.

    I tried setting "Volume Limit" to both on and off, neither setting solved the problem. I tried also setting "Sound Check" to both on and off, and tried "Shake to Shuffle" in both on and off positions as well. None made any difference in the symptom of the voodoo volume jumping.

    I read on other threads (search "iphone 4 volume") that this same problem is being experienced by other users (also reporting iPhone 4, iPod app, with headphones).

    One user seems to think it's happening when they receive push notifications. Someone else suggested resetting the network settings would fix it.

    I'll try putting my iPhone 4 into Airplane Mode to see if that helps. I have to say that I hope this bug is quickly squashed, as I don't see the point of having an iPhone 4 if I can't use the iPod app on it. Might as well keep my iPod touch and get a Verizon phone that actually doesn't drop nearly every call I make.
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    I'm not sure if this is your same problem, but I've just posted a possible solution in a similar thread:

    If this fixes your problem, consider marking this thread as "answered". I've submitted a detailed bug report to Apple regarding the problem.

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    Remove the cover sticker that comes with it if you haven't. My girlfriend had the same issue and that did it for her instantly. Sounds crazy, but it worked.
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    I can't hear anyone even when making a call with the volume all the way up. Doesn't seem to matter where I call - the volume is just too low. Its basically not usable as a handset phone.
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    Doc Brown wrote:
    I think we're having the same issue. When I am playing the iPod function on my iPhone 4 through the headphone output to my car, I had the volume on the iPhone at max but the sound was quite low compared to my 3G. What's weird is that when I hit the next song or previous song buttons (or just the play/pause button to pause then start the same song again), the volume would suddenly start playing the new song with full max volume. The volume indicator on the phone always says it is at max volume through this whole process, so it's almost as if the phone doesn't recognize that it's playing the sound louder or softer. My Sound Check and Volume Limits are both set to off. My suspicion is that this is a software issue, not a hardware issue. Anybody seeing the same behavior when hitting next song, previous song, or just pause/play? I hope this is an iOS 4.0.1 fix.

    I am having exactly the same issue here, post-4.0.1, so no fix in that update. I most often notice this while wearing earbuds, but I have also had it happen while playing through the dock connector --> sound system in my car.

    I have also had it happen mid-song after (for example) either returning from voice control ("what song is this?") or having a system sound like an email notification.

    Changing the Sound Check setting from off to on or on to off doesn't appear to have any effect, and my EQ is off.

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    Not sure if this is the same problem as anyone else is having, but sounds similar. My phone would ring loudly but music only played out the headset speaker, not the bottom speaker. I found that on pandora at the bottom right there is a icon that switches volume from speakers to headset (and vice versa). This fixed my problem.
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    My volume is low. Using volume buttons on phone or on headset move the volume slider in the iPod app but the sound does not change. If I turn the phone off then on it's all back to normal. It happens every couple days. I suspect pressing play from headset controls when device is asleep is what triggers this problem. Hopefully 4.1 fixes this and the proximity sensor issue.
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    Having exact the same problem with the dock connector, in my car, with my Yamaha receiver-dock, and my small Bose system in the office - when using my wife's iPod nano everything works fine, but with my iPhone 4.02 (I did a complete reset this morning) I have to turn up volume and even then it is not satisfying!
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    There is definitely an issue with how apps interact/interface with the volume on the iphone 4. When I'm using the Rhapsody app to stream music on my runs and using Runkeeper the volume fluctuates when the next song starts it gets really loud and then goes back to being too quiet. When runkeeper lets me know my time and distance the volume on the music gets real loud again and then goes back to too quiet. I'm assuming that this is something that can be fixed with a software update but not sure.
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    I too have been having a problem with music play and external speaker. My 3GS volume was significantly higher. I did read a couple of posts elsewhere. If you go to iPod settings, turn off volume check, then I found it was much louder.
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    This evening My iPhone 4.1 suddenly gave significantly less volume out, while playing a song through my home stereo (which I frequently do), I first wondered if this could have something to do with the then relatively low battery niveau (around 30%), but nothing happened when I plugged the phone to the charger. I then turned off the phone, and the volume was back to normal after I had startet it again!! So try this folks!
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    I am seeing this exact same problem. I will have normal volume, then get a call and when the ipod turns back on the volume will be down to probably 60% at the max level, then randomly jump back up after some amount of time (not even when switching songs, could be mid-podcast). I also see this if I accidentally open another program that has sound associated with it (like npr news or pandora). both will play over each other and when I turn one off I cannot get the volume to go back up to normal. I really hope this is something they fix with the next software update. I assume it's a problem with multi-tasking.
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    M Alamin wrote:
    I've made the jump from the 3G to the 4, so I don't know if a new setting was introduced with the 3GS.

    I've noticed the max headphone volume is quite low. I have both Sound Check and Volume Limit set to OFF. What's weird is that if I get an email alert, the volume kicks up to it's true maximum.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Yes, this is happening on my iPhone4. My phone is updated to ios 4.2.1 and yet this problem still exists. This bug is most noticeable when I watch movies. I struggle listening to the dialog using my Bose sound canceling headphones. But when and email update signals the volume kicks in. It's very annoying.
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    This might sound weird..but try this


    Settings>Sounds>Lock sounds> switch on then back to off


    you might notice that volume might rise once u switch it 'on' and remains so until you pause/change the song.

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    Your solution worked for me on a iPhone 4. I also went to Settings > Music > Volume Limit > Locked it and unlocked it, moved the slider up and down, etc...So glad I didn't have to resort to sticking a needle in my speaker. Thanks.

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