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Hello All,
Like many of you I had a 5 hour upgrade to iOS4. It failed over and over. It was incredibly painful. But I finally got the "upgrade" finished. It wiped out all of my application data, so I had to start all of them from scratch, but I thought I could handle that.

But then I noticed the performance. It was slooooooow. Apps were simply failing to start up. They would try to load and just crash. When texting I would be 30 letters in front of the display. I missed several calls because the phone was so slow, it couldn't display the call before it went to voicemail. I was about to tear my hair out.

Now my phone is fixed. Basically, I did a factory restore of iOS4, then restored all of my data on it. For me, I had to get a backup made before my update attempt to get all of my data back. For those lucky Windows 7 (and possibly Vista, I'm not sure), the "previous versions" feature of Windows is your friend. With iTunes closed, Browse to \Users\Yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup. I'm doing that from memory so forgive me if it's not exact. There should be at least one folder in there with tons of letters and numbers. Look at the time and date of the folder - this is when the backup was created. If that's a good date/time for your restore, you don't have to do anything. If you'd like to go back further, right click on the folder and go to properties. Hopefully you'll have a "Previous Versions" tab. You'll want to select the version you want and click "Copy" to a folder on your desktop or somewhere else. Then move the existing folder(s) in the Backup folder somewhere else. You can then get them later if you need. Put the backup you want to restore into the Backup folder. Now you're ready to take action.

Start iTunes. Before you proceed, know that your phone will be down for a while. You'll lose all your data, so anything you've done since the backup you're restoring will be destroyed. If you have pictures or something you want to keep, you'll need to manually get them off before proceeding. Once you're ready, Turn your iPhone off. Hold down the Home button, then plug it in to the sync cable. Keep holding the button down until the "Plug into iTunes" graphic appears. iTunes will pop up and say the phone needs to be restored. Go ahead and restore it. This will take it back to factory settings of iOS4. Mine took about 20 minutes. After the base firmware is loaded, it will come up in iTunes and ask you to restore. The date and time of the backup should match the folder you have waiting in the backup directory. Initiate the restore. It will take a long time, depending on how much data you have. I have about 11GB of data and mine took around 90 minutes.

If all goes well, you'll now be running iOS4 with all of the data from the backup you have, and it will be running fast like mine!