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I am new user, running FCS for perhaps 3 months on a private corporate network.
After enabling port 8821 in my airport extreme's port mapping, I was able to remotely connect to the corporate IP address.. install, login/out, check out/in, annotate, change metadata, etc.. practically everything I tried.. only exception being that asset thumbnails didn't load.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere (no apparent changes to network, routers, config, or server setup).. I am able to connect to the FCServer, and change metadata. But I am unable to download any media files, or open the quicktime annotation window. Downloads simply timeout. Annotation window opens and then throws a "Connection refused" dialogue, followed by "Error opening Annotation Dialogue: error loading QuickTime movie."

Anyone have any advice as to other network or server services that must be active and configured in a particular way?

I am not having any issues with anyone on the local area network.
FCS is hosted on a mac mini server.
I am not running a VPN. Back-to-my-mac is enabled throughout, but it didn't seem to matter if it was actually connected and active, or not.

MacPro (x3), iMac (x2), macMini (x3), xServe (x9), iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X (10.6.4)