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  • awgondzur Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same issue, sometimes ending the call prematurely, dialing numbers with my cheek or muting the all. NEVER had this issue with the iPhone 3.

    When can we expect a fix, Apple?

    Peace out,


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  • southernnights Level 1 Level 1
    I have this same issue EVERY SINGLE DAY. I really need apple to fix this because its extremely annoying.
  • rakuspirit Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem, very frustrated! While I am on a call, it mutes, ends the call, tries to go to face time, calls other people on my contact list, tries to create a new contact...I guess I will make an appointment at the genius bar. I would rather go back to my old phone than by accident call people who are in a different time zone and may be asleep, etc!
  • Tim Purcell Level 1 Level 1
    Been using mine a few days with the 4.01 update and i have not had any problems.
    I don't use a case.
    I have low body fat and don't wear glasses.
    What technology does this proximity sensor use?
  • Tim Purcell Level 1 Level 1
    Nope. At least the paper user guide does not.
  • Graham Morley Level 1 Level 1
    +1 for this.

    Please fix apple!
  • Tim Purcell Level 1 Level 1
    FOUND IT while i was ordering the Apple bumper case. The prox sensor is just above the earpiece speaker. It is plainly visible in this photo of the white one:

    I am still not having trouble with mine. Perhaps it is a matter of how it is held. I usually make sure i am holding the earpiece firmly against my ear.
  • RichardHoward Level 1 Level 1
    I'm using iPhone 3GS with OS 4.01 but many of these glitches have been increasing in frequency for some time, and prior to recent software updates, there actually seems to be a fundamental problem with iphone and I am wondering whether it is really 'fit for purpose' and it's time to change to another handset.

    There are now so many annoying and recurring problems such as:
    Premature call hang-up's (any call longer than a couple of minutes)
    Spontaneous/inadvertent activation of other buttons during call
    Frequent (at least daily) spontaneous calls
    No automatic reconnection to network following airplane mode
    Irritating messages about dropped network contact when moving through areas of low signal strength...the list goes on and the phone is becoming unusable.

    any suggestions?
  • Mumbles69 Level 1 Level 1
    Fit for purpose is a very strong statement. and I have to agree with you on it.

    Why do apple surround themselves in secrecy. we all know the new iphone combined with ios4 has issues so just communicate with your customers.

    I was looking to arm our exec team with with ipads and still have 12 iphone 4's in boxes as part of phase 1 rollout, however I refuse to rollout faulty kit and in effect cripple the business from being able to work effectivly.

    Sadly I have a feeling I will be sending them back soon.
  • uschibill Level 1 Level 1
    Same problems!
    I'm getting so over this, ready to go back to my 3G.
  • James Bailey Level 2 Level 2
    If you're having trouble with the proximity sensor being a little "lazy" why don't you try this: as you bring the phone up to your ear, out of the corner of your eye check to make sure the screen turns off. If it doesn't, wiggle the phone a little until it does.
  • ajpita Level 1 Level 1
    I too have the same issue, I have owned all 4 models from the first to the present iphone. i LOVE THEM ALL! BUT I can not use this phone with the hang up issue. I sold all my other 2g,3g 3gs's when this one was announced. I have since purchased a 3GS to use till this is resloved. I simply can not hang up on every person I speak to because I have chipmunk cheeks, and or the iphone 4 has an issue the other 3 models never had!
  • MetaChimp Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here.

    You will see how often the screen comes on and off with the smallest movements while it is still against your face!
  • hfrogness Level 1 Level 1
    I posted a topic for this as well, wish I would have found this first. Apple replaced my original 4 and the problem is still evident, I have no case but I do use invisible sheild. For the record I used this same invisible sheild product with my 3g and 3gs phones and never, not once had this sort of problem. I was told by the "genius" that helped me that there was a pending software update for this, but couldn't tell me when this update would be available. Personally I plan on changing to sprint and evo's if Apple does not fix this in the next 2 weeks. It really is not much fun explaining to customers and co-workers why I am dialing when I am talking with them.

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  • hfrogness Level 1 Level 1
    I have updated to 4.0.2 an not had this problem again, but my talk time has been very limited, has anyone had this problem after updating to 4.0.2? Also is there a list of fixes per update?
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