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I am trying to copy something and I can not figure out how to open more than i window at a time.

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), just switched from windows and I am lost.
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    The bottom right hand corner of the window is its resize control. The green on the upper left resizes the window either to it's last position, or a position that avoids the translucent toolbar known as the dock.
    File menu in most applications has a new window command. In those it does, you can have more than one window at a time. The window tile/cascade is one feature not found in Mac applications except by Microsoft and a few others. The yellow control puts the window in the dock, where you can bring it back later. For more, see

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    I guess I did not explain what I was trying to do very well. I have something open in gmail that I want to copy into another window and I can not figure out how to open another window so they are side by side on my desktop so I can copy and paste from one to another.
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    Well if you create as many windows on your gmail account as you desire, you can resize them so each fits on the screen. Drag the top of the window to relocate it once it is the right size to fit side by side with another.
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    Alternatively, you can Download


    A program that appears to give you the same control a found in Microsoft windows on your mac.
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    You can open multiple entries in the Finder by pressing "pretzel ('command') n" while you've another finder window selected. That's the common OS X key command for "new window."