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  • USBSlave Level 1 Level 1
    The Apple Store has now given me my third iPhone 4 because apparently this one would stop having this problem, shockingly the problem remains. I now have some kind of ticket open.
  • Mike Boreham Level 4 Level 4
    John Reinhold wrote:

    Also, since my wife was not home at the time, what they said for her to do was to do a soft reset (hold the home+power buttons until the apple appears on the screen). Then leave it off for at least a minute, and then turn it back on and it should do the same re-registration.

    So that is something people can try. No guarantees of course, just something to try...

    Hello John,

    Thanks for this, but a soft reset seems to be a restart procedure, not a shut down, so you can't leave it for a minute before turning it back on, or am I missing something?

    When I hold the home+power buttons together, the first thing that happens is the red slider appears. I ignore that and continued holding until the apple appears which means it is rebooting.....or am I doing something wrong.

    What I did hasn't improved my results, still much slower than wife's 3Gs (but page loading speed similar as per my recent post)
  • Dsmitch Level 1 Level 1
    I'm in Phoenix and have had this issue since i got the phone on the 23rd (lucky pre orderer). I have a bumper case on and that has resolved dropping calls related to touching the antenna. My 3G connection is mostly fine but there are a couple areas i travel to in which i have this problem of showing full bars with 3G and having it load and load before finally timing out. If i manually switch to edge i can instantly connect to load pages. My friends with iPhone 3G's have maintained their 3G connection in places I've lost mine.

    From my experience this issue is definitely distinct from the antenna issue. The fact that if the iphone 4 loses 3G connection it does not default back to edge like my old iPhone did. I just get stuck in 3G loading limbo unless i manually turn 3G off. It feels like it could be something with signal strength or baseband selection as this issue almost always occurs when i travel to a couple specific locations.

    I hope that a software patch can fix this and that it arrives soon. I would also say that it feels more like a problem with the phone than with AT&T since multiple users report having someone with an older iphone maintain 3G connection while the iPhone 4 stalls out.
  • RandyJT Level 1 Level 1
    Ok. Count me in as having the same issue. It's not just 3G, it's also WiFi. Speed tests are painfully slow, if they happen at all. 5005 milisecond latency to start with in both 3G and WiFi mode. It won't even do download and upload speeds without timing out. I've reset network settings numerous times. I've powered the phone off for 20 seconds and turned back on numerous times. I've rebooted holding the home and power keys numerous times. I had AT&T send me a signal boost. I've restored from backup. I even spoke to an Apple rep who says they know of no problems. Do they bother to read these boards???

    Not only am I having the bad internet problem, I'm having the proximity sensor problem as well.

    Let's not forget about the reception problem when holding the phone "wrong"???

    I'm going to return this phone and get my money back. I'm going back to my 3GS until that contract expires and saying bye to Apple and AT&T until they get it right.

    Besides. Another thing that ****** me off is that AT&T wants to charge me $20/month to connect MY PHONE to MY COMPUTER to access UNLIMITED INTERNET that I PAY FOR!

    Next they will want to charge me to plug my phone into my wall outlet to charge it.
  • Randy Fast Level 4 Level 4
    So today my 3G data problems persist. One minute I get no data at all. The next it's very slow or decent at best. I called Apple and the guy I spoke too was VERY helpful (although my problem is not solved) and he seemed to know what was wrong right away after I described it to him. He got AT&T on the phone. They said everything was fine in my area, north of DC, and re-provisioned my data plan. That didn't work so they sent me to an AT&T store for a new SIM. The new SIM did not help. My 3G data goes in and out. Have to go to Apple store to get a new one now.

    Edit - Also I'm wondering. Everyone with this problem, did you keep your unlimited data plan or switch to one of the new ones?

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  • Mike Boreham Level 4 Level 4
    Mike Boreham wrote:
    How is everybody measuring speed when reporting here?

    I have done several hours of side-by-side 3G data speed comparisons between 3Gs and iP4, both on a table a few inches apart. Signal strength is typically four bars on both. Both phones on iOS4. always shows the 3Gs much faster (.35 Mb/s vs .03 Mb/s)

    iNetwork shows similiar results (485 kbps vs 60 kbps)

    BUT...side by side page loading comparisons consistently have them about on a par. Perhaps even with the iP4 slightly faster more often. No way is the huge difference in speed test results reflected in web page loading.

    Any thoughts?

    Perhaps something to with the iP4 (or is it an iOS4 feature) choosing the most reliable signal, not >necessarily the fastest, somehow penalising the speed test sites?

    I think is flawed for iPhone 4, at least in the UK, even though it connects with UK servers.

    This method gives my iP4 results similar to 3Gs, as my normal experience.
  • randomiphoner Level 1 Level 1
    I kept the unlimited in future hopes of needing it.
  • SeaHad Level 1 Level 1
    Same issues here on long island, for the past few days since I got the 4, very poor data 3g speed....BUT this morning my 3G Data on my iPhone4 is blazin at like 2 mb where the other days it was 16 kb... Is it because it's 8am or is anyone else noticing a difference?
  • jimmy powder Level 1 Level 1
    I checked 3G data speeds at my house this morning in the Baltimore area and they are fast again .

    It seems the mornings are a lot better then afternoon and evening.last night I could not connect at all
    On 3G to the Internet.

    Is At&t throttling the bandwidth for some users in heavy data use areas? I'm beginning to wonder because
    When I first got the phone the first couple of days 3G speeds were lightning fast .The last couple of days
    I've hardly been able to use 3G data. This morning 3G data speeds are good but not as good as
    Last week.

  • hudson2001 Level 1 Level 1
    Metro Detroit checking in with crappy data speeds and LOTS of data stalls. I have done more reboots and hard resets in the first week of owning this new iPhone than I did in a YEAR of owning a 3Gs. I haven't yet tried resetting the network settings because I honestly don't want to deal with the repercussions at the moment.

    I am also having major proximity sensor issues. I am constantly making second calls, hanging up on people, and putting people on mute.

    I guess I am lucky (knock on wood) that I don't have the reception issues.
  • SolutionMaster Level 1 Level 1
    I guess it's not just my problem. I noticed i couldn't connect to the internet using 3g about 4 days ago. I've had 3g outages in my area (Westbury, Long Island) before but i have full bars and it doesn't switch to edge. Edge works as expected - SLOW. I cannot take this!!! I'm paying these people for their service and they are not holding their end of the deal. Grrr. I went to an AT&T store and they replaced the SIM card... didn't help. I restored everything to factory settings.. didn't help. I went to the Apple store and they gave me a new iPhone 4... still the same problem. It seems like both companies are telling me that their product/service has no known issues and one is blaming the other. I'm stuck in the middle without internet. This is crap!
  • parmesan Level 1 Level 1
    Since the software update is only going to fix the display not the 3g speed, god save us. i will upload a video of i4 vs 3gs speed comparison (with wifi turned off) tomorrow.
    Is samsung captivate a good alternative?
  • grubbii Level 1 Level 1
    I sent an e-mail to Steve Jobs - who knows if he'll read it:

    As an IT professional, I can relate to the hiccups when creating software, etc. I love the iPhone 4: the super-crisp display, the awesome form factor, the feat of engineering. I am a HUGE fan, but I (and some of your fellow customers) are having a particular problem that has not been mentioned anywhere in the press. I wanted to make sure you were aware of it:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this,

    Director of Applications, Information Technology
  • dark1x Level 1 Level 1
    Want to keep this one on top.

    I've been having the same issues all week. Works great at times and then completely fails another time. 3GS doesn't exhibit this behavior.

    Also, when 3G data fails, Edge will continue to work if I switch to it (but it is very slow).

    Cincinnati, OH area for me.

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    Same issues for me in Columbus, OH. I used my iPad 3G all day yesterday with no issues - not a single dropped connection! Couldn't use my iPhone 4 more than twice, and the battery was dead by the time I got home from trying to load data.

    I spent 2 hours at an Apple Store to let someone take a look. I was told that my phone "isn't doing anything abnormal. Everyone is having this issue, so there's no need to replace the phone. It's just AT&T's network right now." - Really? Is that why my wife is sitting 2 feet from me browsing the web on her iPhone 3Gs? And is that why I can hop on my iPad 3G and check my email? Does that SOUND like a network issue to you... genius my A$$.

    Also, I kept my unlimited data plan - and I have also been wondering if those that did have been throttled by AT&T. Though, my iPad is also unlimited and is having ZERO issues. It's a little embarrassing to have to use my wife's 3Gs to get on the web after standing in line for 6 hrs to claim my "reservation".

    It's SO frustrating to not be able to use data you're paying for on a brand new device. And it's even more frustrating to be told it's 'normal'. All of this wouldn't be so bad, but Apple's attitude *****, "Don't like not being able to do anything on your iPhone 4? Return it."

    I'm fairly shocked by the whole thing.
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