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I'm currently syncing my iPad to a G5 iMac. Monday I'll be receiving a Macbook Pro. Any problems with switching the iPad to the new computer? I poked around a bit but couldn't seem to find this subject covered. Hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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    An iPad (and other i's) can only be synced to one computer. When switching computers the new computer will give you a warning boox that says if you sync everthing on the iPad will be erased and replaced with everthing on your new computer.

    Thus, you have to move all you stuff to your new computer. Most stuff will move if you do Home Sharing. However, some people say that paid apps will not share. But, you can re-download the apps for free if you log into your account. You will get box that says you already downloaded it and do you want to do it again. When you do it again you will get a receipt for $0.00.

    You also might be able to just move your library. Just makes sure you backup incase something bad happens.
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    As I started to answer this question I suddenly realized I wasn't sure But here's what I did the last time I bought a new computer:

    I synced my iPhone to my old computer one last time and then ran TimeMachine one last time. Next I used my external TimeMachine drive with Migration Assistant to transfer everything from the old computer to the new one. That means all my apps, photos, music, and video were on the new computer.

    When I synced my phone I don't remember what happened. Logic suggests that the phone recognized it wasn't the same computer so I was forced to resync it to the new computer. Of course, I lost nothing because it had all successfully transferred to the new computer.

    Your iPad would would the same as the iPhone. Also, if you aren't using TimeMachine you can connect your two computer via FireWire Target Disk mode and use Migration Assistant that way. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your input everyone. Just as a follow up, my hand is now forced, as my iMac just gave up the ghost! I was waking it up to start the clean up process for the switch to the new MBP. When I got to the log in screen it began emitting a stuttering tone, a bit like one staccato note constantly repeated, and would not let me choose a user name to log in. I'm fully backed up, but I was hoping to pass this computer on to my daughter. In any case, I will be syncing my iPad to the new MBP on Monday and will definitely report back on how adventurous that is! And if anyone has any idea about my iMac, please chime in.
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    So what happened? I'm in an identical situation and I'm afraid to try to sync my ipad.