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I am having trouble using my iPhone GPS overseas. I have tried it in both Pristina, Kosovo, and now Istanbul, Turkey. In general, it can never find my location. I have tried it both with and without a Wi-Fi connection, to no avail, except for a very brief time in Kosovo when it alternately told me I was in Napa, CA and Portland, OR. I was in neither, obviously (and never had been).

Curiously, I do not have this problem with my iPad, which gets my location well and quickly.

The iPhone GPS works fine back in the US.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, how do I solve it?

For purposes of basic troubleshooting questions:

(1) I am not using my iPhone as a telephone here. I am using it only via Wi-Fi (and, hopefully, with GPS).

(2) The phone is not in airplane mode (I know that cuts off the GPS).

(3) Aside from the GPS, the iPhone appears to be working normally.

(4) I have not yet upgraded to iOS4.

The GPS functions have tremendous potential to enhance this vacation, so I am hoping someone can provide some quick guidance. Thank you.

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