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Is anyone have a problem with their phones losing your wifi connection. My will hold it and then it will drop to 3g and then back to wifi. I have a program called ToDo and when I try to put in the code number to activate it I lose wifi. Strange.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Try cycling your network settings off, then on and see if this resets the strength.
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    I am having the same issue and cycling the wifi did nothing. forcing a power off and restart did bring it back. Don't know if it's fixed fo good or if it's temporary.
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    I am having similar issue. I can connect to WiFi but if the phone is idle/locked it goes back to 3G. This is annoying at work because I have to use SecurID token to login in. Sometimes I go to area where I have setup connection to access point and I have to manually connect my 3GS and original iPhone seemed to be more sticky with staying on WiFi and auto connect to access point that it knew about
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    I think I found a fix to my WiFi issue. I did Settings:General:Reset:Reset Network Settings and it seems to stay connected to access points.
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    This doesn't solve the problem for me. My connection it terrible compared to my iPad and iPhone 3GS. When the other two have 2 wifi bars the ip4 can't even find the network. This is hardware folks!
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    I turned my 3g off when at home on wifi, but I lose wifi connection everytime i sync with itunes. I reset network, and also cycle on off both seem to fix the problem.
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    Having the same issue. When I called AppleCare about it, they said to just reset the network settings...didn't help. I have two friends with iPhone 4's who never lose their wifi connection. Power cycle doesn't help either.

    I agree it's a hardware problem that seems to be affecting certain phones. I'm guessing whoever supplied their wifi chips sent out a bad batch. I'm about to return this unit to the AT&T store and see if that helps.

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    I had the same problem untill I updated to 4.0.1 (Knock on wood)
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    I have had my iPhone 4 for about 2 months now and love it. But it loses it's wifi connection on my home network all the time but not at friends houses or wifi hotspots. I've tried it all from cycling network settings to reconfiguring my router to no avail. That is until 2 days ago when I decided to enable Mac address filtering on my wifi connection and put both my iPhone 4 and iPad into the permit Mac filter. Now neither one hardly ever loses the connection but even if they do they always reconnect on their own within 2-3 seconds. So if your still having troubles with this problem give my fix a try.

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    try turning the bluetooth off it has helped my wifi connection as well as the personal hotspot signal on my iphone 4 4.3.3

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    I had this problem too. It seemed to either be related to a new Home Hub 3 router or to do with the upgrade to ios 4.3.5/.


    After looking on the internet I found the solution was to switch my router to wireless n only i.e. not mixed b/g/n. It's now been working fine for 3 days. Prior to this my iphone 4, wife's iphoen 3GS and my iPad would not connect once the went to sleep and were woken again. Now there is no problem at all. and yes, iPhone 3GS works fine with wireless n

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    I turn off my Data usage while at home in my wifi connection.

    Seems to have worked. I also turned the Bluetooth off just in case.


    Thing is you'll have to turn the Data usage back on when no wifi is detected.

    Hope it stays this way. :)