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I just got my iPhone 4 and cannot get the text message tone to work. My phone is not in vibrate mode. I selected the tone to use for text messages (bell) and when I receive texts all I get is vibrate. In the sounds menu the Silent is turned off. New text message is turned on and to "Bell". Doesnt work with any of the tones I select. What else could I be missing?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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iPhone 4, iOS 4, HELP!!!
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    Try restarting the phone. If that doesn't help, perform a hard reset. Hopefully that will correct the problem.
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    I just tried to change my text tone since we have 2 new iphones in the house and now I have no tone at all only vibrate. I tried changing back and turn off and even did a hard reset a couple times but still no text tones. I have checked to make sure it is not on vibrate and checked settings to make sure tri tone is selected. Any ideas?