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    Thanks for taking the time to reply!!

    Yes I am in UK and as far as I know it is a robust wifi connection here in the hospital...spend all my time on ipad!

    I have tried a mixture of films and programmes..some British. Yes I pay monthly fee :-(


    Aside from that...I am due to leave hospital soon and cannot fure out how to open the sim card you know how to do that? I don't expect to use netflix on payg sim but for general use before router set up at home



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    Are you trying to watch Netflix on the hospital wifi connection OR ar you using a 3G connection. Perhaps the cell phone signal is not enough to stream movies? I don't have a 3G iPad so am not sure how to toggle between the two.


    In the states, you don't have to remove the SIM card, you just turn off the 3G service, for which we pay month to month as needed.


    Here is how to remove the SIM card though:



    You might be able to test your connection at You need at least 1.5 mbps and preferrable 3.0 mbps for Netflix. I was told by Apple that if other people are downloading movies in the next house over (say on a Friday night) on the same "channel" then I may not be able to watch a movie. So if there are a LOT of people in the hostpital all trying to enterain themselves, that may be the problem.


    Still, an iPad must be a great thing to have in the hospital . . music, games, news, etc. For what they charge us in the states, every patient should get one FREE!


    Let me know if you are able to get Netflix at home. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, using hospital wifi. Tested speed via yr link thanks n it says

    Download speed is 10

    Upload is 8 so more than enough. Tried streaming various times of day and difference!


    Yep ipad has been a godsend!!


    Ref the sim tray...I don't appear to have a sim tool in the box ..On your link it says to use a paperclip on iphones but the tool on ipads...I'm worried a paperclip might damage it..?

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    I have been told by the Apple tech (I was having trouble with my iTV) that even though it shows a strong speed, too much 'traffic' can interfere with streaming. Whatever. You'll be home soon and can try it then.


    I never got a SIM tool with my iPad OR my iPhone. Found them on Amazon for 94 cents. Free shipping. Ordered two. Send me your address and I'll mail you one! You can write me at figleef at aol dot com.


    Hope you DO get Netflix to work when you get home!

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    Hey thanks ever so for the offer...that was very generous of you!!! Thing is, I'm in the UK so will have a search round on internet, starting with Ebay.


    Unfortunately I won't be able to return home....road accident's left me in a wheelchair fulltime so got to find other accommodation which is accessible and as it wont be permanent place just interim until find the right place n see what happens with won't be getting broadband router put in the house and was hoping to use the sim in my ipad to get online. :-(


    Anyway will look online and hopefully find a tool, put sim in, be able to get online on leaving and maybe even view Netflix. Thing is I was more likely to use it here rather than at home. Been here seven months!!


    Thanks though.

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    I have no problem at all sending it to the UK, it's very tiny and won't cost much. I'm sorry about your accident but sounds like your head came through it alright which is most important! AND you have your trusty (albeit Netflix challlenged) iPad! Dumb question but do you watch Downton Abbey? Very big over here. I live in Nashville and there is a TV series called Nashville which is so-so in the ratings over here but have heard it is quite popular in the UK??? Fact or fiction?


    At any rate, happy to send the little SIM tool across the pond . .


    I have a friend in the UK who sends me Malteasers. And I send him root beer flavored jelly beans.

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    Hi there figleaf


    Sorry for the apparent delayed reply...I did reply, quite a long one in fact and when I went to post it, it had timed out or something (I'll try and keep this one brief), and this has been my first chance since, sorry....partly cos I was not physically able to get online recently and partly because I just don't get on with computers!!

    Most of the time I wanna chuck them out the window...but the rest of the time they're great. Lol


    In the meantime, two things have, a mate lent me their tool!! Yay. But.Thank you ever so much for your offer it really was very kind of you!!And two, I actually did get out of hospital...mega yay...but, where I have moved to I can't put a landline in so no router so will have to rely on sim.


    Unfortunately none of the pay as you go packages that I have found have enough gig for streaming!! Boooo. (Need to payg as hope to move again. This place just is not right but had to get out of jail, oops ha ha sorry that should have been jail!)


    Going back to the wifi the hospital I had tried Netflix and LoveFilm (have you heard of that one?) at all times of the day and night..even 3am and still couldn't get them to work properly so doubt it was a traffic thing. You think I'd have got to see one programme on it in seven months!!


    Anyway, yes, Downton Abbey is huuuge here! I personally have never seen it...I work shifts and just never got into it but was one of the things I was hoping to see what all the fuss is about on Netflix if available. Doubt it's my kinda thing though. As for Nashville...erm can't honestly say for sure...think I have seen it advertised and have not heard if it is big over here as haven't really been connected to the 'real world' for so long. Will keep an eye out for it, now I'm forced into watching regular tv.


    It's funny the things people miss or cannot get hold of when abroad..I have a friend who went to live in France and for years I used to send him cans of Baked Beans (do you know what they are?) ..but now they stock them in their supermarkets.


    So much for keeping it brief...thanks again for the offer!! least I am online now, just never destined to watch Netflix.


    Thanks again. Really!

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