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When I had iOS3, if I forgot to turn off my iPod overnight, the battery wouldn't drain to even 70%. Now that I've upgraded to iOS4, I tested this and my battery is now at 20% or less after being left on. Why does this happen? As far as I know all the settings are the same as before.

By the way I have a 2nd gen 32 gb iPod Touch.

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Solved by Axel Foley on Jun 26, 2010 8:09 AM Solved
Several Reasons that this could be happening:
1. WiFi now is persistent. Which means that it if your turned it ON then it will remain ON even when iPod Touch is in sleep mode.
2. If your iPod Touch is capable of multitasking then you could have several different apps open at the same time and therefore draining the battery. To check the open apps, press the home button twice and there should be a strip of icons opened at the bottom. These are the open apps. To shut them off you would put your finger on any one of the app for 2 seconds until the icons shake. You can then shut them off one by one.

Axel F.