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I have a link to a video that plays within safari, however, instead of watching it through safari i would like to download the video so i can watch it offline/ and have it permenantly.

I have tried right clicking on the video when it plays but couldn't find 'Save as' or anything similar.

I was wondering how is it possible to download this video?

Here is the link if it helps, its a golf program -


Many thanks for any help and suggestions.


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    Hi Tom

    you've very nearly answered your own question...

    see the link you posted? - just Option-Click on it & it should begin downloading.
    Or use ctrl-Click - Download Linked File/File as...
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    ahhh yes i see, how daft of me, my only question now is how do i download that link without having to post it in a forum?
    I just tried option clicking on the link in the address bar but it doesn't download.

    I only ask because i have another 11 of these videos to download.

    Thank you for your help.
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    if you have a list of links, just copy one, go to the Safari downloads window, and edit-paste

    or drag the icon at left of the Safari address bar to the downloads window

    or use Activity Window (Safari-Window-Activity), identify a largish file that is your chosen vid, and Option-Double click it,
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    ahhh i see, thanks, you learn something new everyday.

    thanks for the help