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So i have brand new Windows 7 installed, also installed iTunes 9.2. I connect my iPhone to PC and it shows up in Windows. iTunes freezes for a while and then there is no iPhone. iTunes simply cant see my iPhone after unfreezing himself. Windows still can see it as camera.

What can i possibly do to fix it? My iPhone is useless.

iPhone 3GS, Windows 7
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    Coffeephile wrote:
    My iPhone is useless.

    no it's not

    take a look @ these threads (one and [two|http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=11045615#11045615]) for possible solutions.


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    Hi. thanks. I was having the same problem except my computer was a windows xp. I tried some suggestions from the first thread (one) and it fixed it for me. If apple knows about the problem why dont they fix it?

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    OK i have to say, i finally fixed it. Now its fully working without ANY problems, here is what i did (before trying this u should probably do this http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923):

    1. Unplug every external Card Reader.
    2. Unplug every Card Reader in your PC (they are plugged into motherboard)
    3. Unplug every USB Hub.
    4. Unplug every USB Drive or USB HDD.

    5. Plug in Ipod Touch/iPhone.
    6. Go to Device Manager.
    7. Search for "USB Mass Storage Device" in Universal Serial Bus Controler.
    8. Right click on it and UNINSTALL.

    9. Search for "Scan for hardware changes", click on it and wait a bit.
    10. Turn on iTunes and check if its working.

    Now it should work like a charm.