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Hello, my ipod touch had been water damaged.
It was turned on when it came in contact with water. It was still turned on, however, it was locked and the slider won't slide. I tried turning it off. That doesn't work either. I looked online for help, and I read an article about putting it in an uncooked rice for a few days. I did this, and it is not turn on anyone. What should I do now? I've read on this site that the apple warranty doesn't cover it.

itouch 8gb 2g, Windows Vista
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    If your iPod Touch came in contact with water while it was ON and the damage that was done initially while it was ON cannot be reversed. The submersion in rice works when one needs to completely dry out the wet undamaged components internally as the rice will absorb the moisture out of the iPod Touch.

    I would recommend [*_RESETTING your iPod Touch*|http://www.apple.com/support/ipodtouch/assistant/ipodtouch/#section2] while connected to a wall outlet and after it has been connected to a wall outlet for at least 20 minutes. If RESET does not get a response out of your iPod Touch then I am afraid your device has been water damaged and needs repair. You are right, Apple will not honor the warranty in this case.

    Axel F.
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    Where can I go for a repair?
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    Apple store still is your best bet.

    Axel F.