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  • Flex Martian Level 1 Level 1
    DOES ANYONE FROM APPLE READ THESE? I have a 2007 Jaguar XK for which with my 3G phone and the previous OS it was fine.

    I loaded the 4.0 and subsequently the 4.0.1 iOS and now the car cannot "find" the bluetooth phone. I have unloaded, reloaded both the car and the phone's systems.

    My wife's Motorola Razr was never linked to my car; we did that this morning and it paired, etc. without a hitch. I then deleted it and tried again with my wonderful 4.0.1 upgrade on my 3G phone and the car can't find it.


    Thanks in advance if anyone is listening...
  • Flex Martian Level 1 Level 1
    don't bother doing that...I have a 3G phone and as noted in other posts, it only failed to connect once I upgraded to 4.0 software.

    At first, when I called out, you could not hear the ringing sound on the other end. For incoming calls, it didn't work until you answered on the phone itself and then clicked on the screen for your car.

    THEN I upgraded to 4.0.1 and unpaired both the phone and the the car cannot find the phone to have it even set up. Too bad for the "upgrade".
  • Phil Yeadon Level 1 Level 1
    Since upgrading to the iPhone 4 the issue I have with my car's Bluetooth system is a lack of contacts!
    The phone pairs with the car and connects perfectly every time, it's just that the contact information won't sync.
    With my old 3GS, this was not an issue, until I upgraded it to iOS 4. Which leads me to believe that the issues are purely down to the new OS and not the handset.
    I've tried changing all the contact sync options for the Bluetooth device on the iPhone and resetting my car's Bluetooth system with no difference in results.
    Fingers crossed iOS4.1 will cure this problem.....
  • amar_aqeel Level 1 Level 1
    I have an Audi A6 2009, my previous iPhone 3G connected fine but the IP4 cant find the car's bluetooth signal. The phone keeps searching for devices endlessly. I updated the IP4 software to 4.0.2 and did everything else from resetting the device to forgetting all bluetooth equipment, but nothing worked. I have read enough BT problems with IP4 to warrant an Apple Corp fix.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to work around this glitch? Im trying to avoid buying a separate head set.
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    I think this is a Major problem with the *iPhone 4 Bluetooth*. I have a Nissan X-Trail with Bluetooth radio and my iPhone 4 has a delay when anyone phones me - Partly due to having to slide the lock indicator before answering then sometimes the radio cuts back in prior to finally answering the call, and when I do answer, the other end on most occasions tells me they can hardly hear me or I sound far away and not clear - even when I call out using bluetooth. Prior to the iPhone 4 I had a Nokia phone which worked well with the bluetooth, and Nissan have indicated that they are not aware of problems with there bluetooth radio. Other current issues also are the reception, and Proximity sensor, to which Apple still can not get right ! even after updating to OS 4.0.2 and also having the phone replaced by Apple.
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    I am having the same problems as people are discussing here. My phone will connect and sync without trouble however, since upgrading my iPhone 3GS to iOS4 my phone constantly keeps losing connection to my Volvo car kit whilst I am driving. This happens practically every day maybe 4-5 times. It is easily resolved by asking the car kit to connect again but is very very annoying. I never had a single problem with the previous OS 3 software. Come on Apple sort this please!!
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    Hi there, I had a 3Gs and worked fine with my Mercedes Kompressor C180 and my parrot CK3100 (in my BMW X3) now with the iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.3) it connects fine and works fine in the two cars but when I get out of the car and the phone goes to sleep it seems that the bluetooth connection goes to sleep too ´cos after maybe one hour outside the car and not using the phone at all when I come back to it the connection has been lost, but if within that hour I have been using the phone the connection is still working. In other words: The bluetooth connection is active while the phone is relatively active (outside the car) when the phone is in the car and its connected there is no disconnection, it only disconnets when I go out of the car and the phone is not in use for more than an hour.

    To reestablish the connection I have to turn off and on the bluetooth in the phone.


    Hope Apple fix this...

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    Thanks to this post, I was able to solve a similar problem: My 2010 Mazda 6 would not recognize my new iPhone 4. My vehicle and iPhone were not detecting one another. To fix the problem I deleted my old LG phone's profile on the Mazda. Then, I initiated the "pairing" process on my Mazda while simultaneously initiating the bluetooth function on my iPhone. The phone connected and allowed me to place hands-free phone calls and play audio flawlessly. The key to this whole process was deleting my old phone's profile on my vehicle's bluetooth. Give this method a shot if you're about ready to pull out your hair!

  • Gerald Edgar Level 3 Level 3


    No, only we users read these.

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    I have a 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP. The bluetooth connection worked flawlessly every day for two years with my prior phone, an LG env 3.  With my brand new iPhone 4, it's only worked properly on a couple of days.  The car syncs with the phone just fine.  The car and phone both say they're connected.  But when I make a call using voice dial, or using the contacts in the iPhone, the calls go through and then the bluetooth connection drops. This is dangerous since I have to grab the phone while I'm rolling down the highway, and try to see if I'm still connected to the person I called.  As someone who's used Apple technology for decades, I'm amazed that they can't get something this simple to work right in such an extremely expensive phone.  Come on Apple, fix the problem.

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    I just purchased an iPhone4s and tried to setup the bluetooth connection with my Toyota Highlander. I was able to get the car's system to recognize my new phone once I had the phone turned on and I was in my car. I was able to get into the car's phone system and make the bluetooth connection once I got into the iPhone's bluetooth system and entered the 4 digit passkey that the car's bluetooth system had given me. As soon as I did those things I was able to use from new iPhone4s with the bluetooth system in the car. Handfree and slick. Good luck!

  • jeffrey209 Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue with our new Toyota, setup went like clockwork, able to make and receive calls, etc.  Now the phone recognizes the car, but apparently not vice-versa.  Doesn't help get it fixed, but it's nice to know I'm not nuts.

  • richardfromcoburg Level 1 Level 1

    This is crap... Why doesnt anyone from apple answer these issues?????

  • lucky9er66 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a parrott kit installed in my VW Jetta 2009 and a 4S phone. I have to make sure that my iPhone bluetooth is on before starting car in order for connection to occur automatically. I have to use a cable connection from my iPhone to my audio system via aux input (inside the armrest) to hear iTunes, internet radio, and Motion X GPS. Calls made/receive interrupt the audio system as it should.  As others have said, I would like the audio connection to perform all these functons without the cable.

  • UF Prof Level 1 Level 1

    It is interesting reading the various problems that people are having connecting their 4S via bluetooth to a car. Each seems a little different. The common thread seems to be that the 3G phone connected easily and well but the 4S does not. In my case, my 4S connects and stays connected but does not upload all of my contact list which the 3G did, and in alphabetical order. It seems that the there is a problem in the new OS on the 4S. Hopefully, the next tweak of this OS will correct this problem. And, yes, I did trying unpairing the 3G, made no difference.