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smith0982002 Level 1 Level 1
is there anyway to do this? the new update erased my camera roll and apps, is there any way i can re-add these photos to my camera roll? please help

3g, iOS 4
  • DaVBMan Level 6 Level 6
    Camera roll isn't where photos go when you sync, they go to their own albums. The camera roll is a TEMP place for you before you take them off (also has a limit and not supposed to be used for long term storage).
  • various berries Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same question and this response isn't very helpful at all. I don't really care what it's 'supposed' to do, I want to know what it can do...
  • Gator44 Level 1 Level 1
    Once you have taken pictures off the camera roll onto your computer, you need to create a folder for those pics that you want back on your iphone. Put the pictures in the folder and in itunes mark that folder to be synced. When you sync a new album will be created in "PHOTO" with the name of the folder and all pics in that folder on your computer will be in the new album on your iphone. You can add to that folder anytime and the new additions will be added to your iphone album with the next sync.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    The answer is no.

    When there are photos in the Camera Roll, the iPhone is also detected as a digital camera when connected to a computer. Photos in the Camera Roll should be imported by your computer as with any other digital camera.
  • various berries Level 1 Level 1
    Well that's a real drag - Places on my iphone only works with photos in my camera roll...and when I restored by photos from backup after getting a new phone, all my 300+ photos I had taken around the country on my old phone went into an album, and out of the camera roll, and now if I look in places I see only photos I've taken on the NEW phone.

    Am I missing something with the idea of places only working with the camera roll? Seems pretty silly.

    Yes I know you can use places via iPhoto on the mac for all photos...but I don't have the new iPhoto.

    Is there any way to get places to recognize photos in the albums??
  • anilsudhakaran Level 4 Level 4
    Places will work with all photos provided they have geotag information. Did you old photos have this information?
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    The data included with the photo - if the photo's location was included with the photo when it was captured is not removed from the photo when the photo is imported by your computer.

    Photos in the Camera Roll are included with your iPhone's backup. If the photos that were previously captured by your iPhone are now in your iPhone's Photo Library, this means the photos were imported by your computer and were re-transferred to your iPhone from your computer via the iTunes sync/transfer process, which is selected under the Photos tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes. The importing of photos from your iPhone's Camera Roll is not handled by iTunes, and selected photos on your computer being re-transferred to your iPhone must be manually selected under the Photos tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes.

    The photo location is not lost or should not be lost when importing photos from your iPhone's Camera Roll and when transferring photos that include location data from your computer to your iPhone via the iTunes sync/transfer process. All of the photos on my computer that include location data and have been transferred from my computer to my iPhone - available in my iPhone's Photo Library, the location information is available for these photos when selecting Places on my iPhone.
  • various berries Level 1 Level 1
    For me, the only photos that appear in places are the ones taken with the new iPhone.

    All the photos I took with the old iPhone were indeed transferred into the photo library as you describe. And they did/do have location data; when I look at Places on my old iPhone I see all these photos represented. I can even turn on my old phone and simply look at Places and verify this to see they are represented there.

    Is there any explanation as to how or why these photos, now in their own Album on my new iPhone, would not be seen in Places?
  • lepontneuf Level 1 Level 1
    Since iOS 4.0.1 made my Camera Roll thumbnails go black, I had no choice but to pull all pics off my camera roll and into a folder on my desktop (PC) that I sync via iTunes. So now all photos that were previously in the camera roll are now in another album/folder. Not a big deal.

    All geotags from the camera roll pics were retained and all pics in this new album/photo are correctly represented in 'Places.'