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  • janfromlouisville Level 1 Level 1

    I know this is a dated post however I want to let everyone know what I found in dealing with a hot iPhone 4S and a quick drain of the battery. I had a hot to the touch phone on one occasion which was uncomfortably warm and the battery started draining about 1% per minute while the phone was being used. On standby it would drain at a slower rate however in a few hours it was empty. I tried all the suggestions I could find in the Internet such as reboot, turn off the calendar, delete my mail accounts and reload, shut down iCloud, etc and nothing seemed to work. Even though the phone was not running as hot as when the problem first began it was still rather warm and the drain was noticeably faster than precious.


    My phone was purchased from Apple unlocked since I work overseas and use two GSM networks. When I departed the USA for the UAE I switched SIM cards and the problem disappeared completely. Just to check out what would happen if I reinstalled the AT&T SIM card the problem reappeared and the warm phone and rapid drain of the battery was present. I am not an expert in operations of the iPhone or iPad however this might be a fix someone can try in having your SIM card replaced. When I get back to the States I intend to go to AT&T to see if I can be issued an new card.

  • NancyC123 Level 1 Level 1

    I did not have to do all that. After backing up all my pictures onto my Mac, I turned off all iCloud functions and let my iPhone 4s charge all night. This morning it is cool and it has stayed at 100% for an hour! Yesterday and since the update to FIX the battery drain which I was NOT having, it was burning up in my hand and I could watch the battery percentages drop with all Apps "closed." Although eligible for an upgrade, I usually wait for the second newest iPhone, and I don't like the larger size of the 5, so I hope "my fix" will take care of the probelm. I can live without iCloud!

  • Bill in Mpls Level 1 Level 1

    I am using an iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.1.1 and earlier this week the iPhone instantly began feeling very hot and drained the battery quite quickly.  I visited the Apple Store and confirmed that the battery was still good, but was given instructions to go home, do a backup and restore (and OS upgrade).  Rather than doing that, I found this online forum and performed the following.


    -  Backed up iPhone using iTunes.


    -  Removed email service for Hotmail from my iPhone.


    -  Shutdown iPhone and restarted.  Used for 12 hours with no overheating or battery drain.


    -  Reinstalled iPhone email connection to Hotmail and let email, calendar and contacts repopulate on my iPhone from the Hotmail server.


    All is still running fine now after 24 hours of use.  No overheating or battery drain.  Thanks to all for suggestions for a good solution!

  • SweedishChef Level 1 Level 1


    After lots of tinkering I found that my iPhone hotmail sync was killing my battery. I used a cool app called IAssistant (free) to show me how much processing power was being used. Before I removed hotmail. My CPU was idling at about 37% usage. After I deleted hotmail (settings | mail contacts calanders| hotmail | delete account)  IAssistant started showing my CPU idling at 5%. Hopefully this fix helps someone saved the 5 hours or so trying to figure this out.

  • mhg8 Level 1 Level 1

    no results for that app on my phone


    is there another app to see the usage of CPU?

  • Shantihssima Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you so much Donkeyhead, turning off my calendars rebooting and then reading them worked like a charm for me, so glad I tried that first!

  • Tumberry Level 1 Level 1

    cant find iassistant in app store, i guess ur phone is jailbroken n u got it from cydia.

    thanks though

  • SweedishChef Level 1 Level 1

    Search AppStore for "life on touch". For some reason searching for iAssistant doesn't work. But once you search for "life on touch" u will c it. U can also do a search for "CPU monitor". U will c a number of diff apps pop up. One will b I assistant by life on touch utilities. Hope this is helpful.

  • Tumberry Level 1 Level 1

    cool thanks ! , i found it under "life on touch" as suggested. However , i tried"Cpu monitor" as well and found a lot of apps with the same common feature, hence i downloaded Traffic monitor ( to see my data usage) and system tools, i find iassistance less user friendly, lool.............. btw i have around 55 processess running as per the app, and i have no idea how to kill them, the app shows system utilization 0%, and user is not stable , ranging from 13% - 53% increasing and decreasing.

    Does this mean that all those 55 processess are not from the system and are from the user, if yes, do u think maybe killing these processess, will save the battery ???




  • Eddienova23 Level 1 Level 1

    My phone was overheating to the point that i was afraid to even touch it i thought it was going to explode or something.. Read a few comment from people that have had the same problem and i did the same thing they did.. I deleted all exchange accounts and turn off icloud..! My phone is back to normal.. And yet i thought it was the battery that was causing all the problem..! Apple need to step up and do something about it asap..!

  • DannyQiu Level 1 Level 1

    Lol it was because you guys wrote iAssisitant when it was lAssiasnt. With an L not an I.

  • Vertigo Performance Level 1 Level 1

    Don't you mean lAssistant?  LOL

  • Guin36 Level 1 Level 1

    I also have this battery drain problem after installing 6.1.2 on my 4s.  I have practically NOTHING on my phone - 4 apps, no notifications, nothing.   I use hotmail.   I do not understand what all these posts are about "Exchange."  I set my hotmail up when I got my phone last summer and it didn't say anything about "exchange."  I HATE syncing my phone because it deletes half my contact list - people's emails and/or phone #s disappear from both my phone AND my hotmail account.   How do I look for "exchange" ?  Would it have switched over to that spontaneously when I upgraded to 6.1.2?  How do I turn it off without deleting all my hotmail contacts?


    Thank you. 

  • hawkeye2 Level 1 Level 1

    I also had this problem. The advice of others above resolved the rapid discharge and overheating:

    1. Back up

    2. In settings, remove Hotmail from mail accounts

    3. Turn off iphone

    4. Turn on iphone

    5. In settings, add Hotmail to mail accounts (if desired)


    Problem resolved; working well.

  • Guin36 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't want to remove hotmail from my phone, because that wreaks havoc with my contacts (see above.) It deletes emails, phone numbers, etc, and they do NOT COME BACK when I re-add hotmail again.  

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