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    Ok, I am having an iphone 4s - and since the latest updates which happened end of february the phone got very hot and drained the battery from 100 % to 0 % in less than 3 hours. The second update which happned a few days after the first and should fix the problem did not fix it... I was very frustrated. tried several things like resetting it - reinstalling - nothing seemed to work and Iwas close to go to an apple store in order to get a technician taking a look at it.


    Since two days everything is allright again... What did I do? I simply deleted my company's exchange email account; rebooted the phone. Reinstalled manually the microsoft exchange email account. Done! The phone works like in good old times... Something must have been screwed up with the email account...


    Hope this helps anyone having same trouble.

  • tedka Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue here - all of a sudden my iPhone 4 battery was draining rapidly down to zero in a few short hours. After reading this post I checked on my mail accounts and I had one disabled plain IMAP email account (Not Exchange).

    Removing it solved my battery drain issue and everything is back to normal.



    P.S. - Geniuses were clueless about the issue...

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    I have an iphone 4 which drained the battery in an few hours and I can confirm that after


    1. removing my Hotmail account from settings->mail,contacts->accounts->(choose hotmail account) Delete Account,

    2. turning off my  iphone 4

    3. turning on my iphone 4

    4. Re-adding my Hotmail account


    The battery has STOPPED draining and getting hot and has returned to normal operations.


    I downloaded lAssistant (with an L not an i) and noticed also that before i deleted my hotmail account, the power of  the CPU while my iphone 4 was not doing anything (idling), waS 35-40% while AFTER i followed the above process and deleted my hotmail account the activity dropped to 4%.and the battery returned tom normal drain.


    Apparently the migration from Hotmail to Outlook by Microsoft, which took place during the last 1.5 months has created an incompatibility issue causing some iphone process to be looping indefinitly thus using up battery. Now if this was done by Microsoft on purpuse or not is another issue........ Apple should fix this bug immediatelly.

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    Using 6.1.2 ...won't put 3 on cuz I have a new BATTERY drain problemw with 6.1.2

    Well I have not a clue how to remove the only MAIL I have, sorry computer user but klutz. My mail seems fine. My problem started only a few days ago however and believe it was due to a calendar item. So I turned them all off ..back on just home one.

    and battery drained 6% while I was doing that! 

    So now I have backed up to computer, restored from computer.

    Turned off every **** notifiication function etc.


    Isn't there some way we can just ASK our **** PHONE which activity is causing the drain?? I know you can with laptop.


    Anyway will await more answers to this before I even dare try 6.1.3 which has some other drain problem already built in it looks like!


    Thanks for all of above, by everybody.

  • LDoza45 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Okay... deleted some iCloud Calendars.. re stored to backup. So far 3 hours post still 100% charge!

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    I have erased all IPhone4 info this morning,

    To the factory settings as it is called.

    Most unpleasent.

    I do not have wifi in my home, and now no e-mail acount registered either.

    The batery is still draining. 20% in 4 hours, is not much but two weeks ago, before the ios update, it would discharge much, much slower.

    The battery will last close to 24hours

    Also, the phone is not warming up.

    Except when charging.

  • razboiniculiminii Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After a FEW days


    So I have a normal working phone now, after closing 3G.

    I have also closed wi-fi(I use none) but I think thet 3G was my problem.

    I wonder if the Factory Reset was necessary.

  • LDoza45 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Heaven only knows. Went away 4 days so didn't have/use wifi. lst night it was 96% in AM second it was 31% and hot! upon opening I see daughters message window... So was that on all night? Why I close down to home screen w app icons. I do know I have one app called PING that puts its info page in SAFARI and it keeps reapeating searches all over the country all the time. If I don't go to another page before closing to home screen it just keeps working!


    THIS IS A BAD feature. Going out to HOME SCREEN should close ALL OPEN APPS!


    NO way I am going to 6.1.3 until I hear of good fix, and I may demand new battery/phone next week if this isnt' better before then.

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    I bought a new 4s recently and restored it on itunes with previous 3gs back up. My battery performance was awful. Phone would get hot and battery would barely last 12 hrs under normal usage. I tried manually to fix it by trying almost all the prefered methods and nothing seem to work.


    I finally decided to reinstal the ios and start fresh. This time I installed all the apps manually and now my battery is working like a champ. I didn't have to shut off many features and It is still giving me enough batter for good 36 hrs under normal usage.


    So my msg is dont use the restore option from your past back ups. Start fresh and install your apps again. Don't forget to save your contact and photos to icloud so you can retreive them later

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    i was having battery drain 15% loss per hour in stanby. i unpluged the battery for 20 seconds and its all fixed

  • dubrooklyn Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    please explain how do you unplug iphone battery?

  • vaporized Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just watched it on phone is almost 2 years old and has no waranty.  i was only willing to do this because if i broke it i'd buy a new one.

  • LDoza45 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    0000Troy000   Well that was very helpful! Why did you even respond? This is not a SNARK forum! Go somewhere else with it.


    PS Did upgrade to 6.1.3 after turning all iCloud syncs off beforehand. Then back on after. So far working pretty well.

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    Don't think just because your a sheep to the apple flock of losers that they give s$&t about you.

    If you think you can get away from me finding you and you and I having this out face to face and not behind this BS world go Internet think again..

    Apple stuffed up period! That company will go down because their customers will go else where. You Kid have know Idea who you are talking to.