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So I was trying to send my boyfriend a video that was 5 min long via SMS... it didn't work cuz it was too big, which is understandable. But then I synced my phone into iTunes and figured the film would sync onto the itunes but I don't see it anywhere.

1) If my vid is too big for SMS, can I email it using the iPhone or is there no way to do that?
2) If I sync my phone into itunes, should my video sync onto my cpu or does it just stay on the iphone? thanks!

Toshiba, iOS 4
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    Only way to get recorded videos to the desktop is to sync the phone and drag the .mov file using the file system. There is no way to sync these.

    With the phone synced, using Explorer you should see the iPhone. Open it and drill down till you see your photos and videos. Select the file you want and drag it to the desktop.
  • mermer0101 Level 1 Level 1
    thanks for ur help! to help anyone else.. i just found out that you can trim a video (from the camera app) and send it via email. an email lets u take about 50 seconds of video so all u have to do is trim the email...i just sent him like 7 different ones but at least he got it! and then u can get it on ur desktop once u check ur mail on ur computer
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    For Mac users: When you sync your phone pictures and movies you have taken are placed in iPhoto (not iTunes). If you have a video on your phone that you want to share you can send it via text message or via email, provided it isn't too long. If it is, and you don't want to trim it, you can sync it back to iPhoto, then export it from there and use your regular email or file sharing service.