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My update went fine, but when I went to make a phone call, all I had was numbers in my favorites and recents. All my contacts were deleted. *** Apple? I don't know all my friends by their phone numbers! If the phone did a backup as part of the process, where are my freaking contacts? How do I get my contacts back?

In addition, it cleared out all my songs and wont let me drop songs back on, it gives me the circle with a slash through it.

Can someone please help?

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Dell, Windows XP
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    After the update, did you restore to your prior iPhone backup? What application do you sync with that contains your contacts?
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    I just use iTunes. Am I supposed to use a different program to sync my contacts? I thought that was what the iTunes backup was for.
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    iTunes doesn't back up your contacts. It synchs them with Outlook, Address Book or Entourage.

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    What's the matter Apple, you know stoop to erasing replies because you know that your upgrade is totally ruining people's phones? Did you create this upgrade just to make the 3G useless and force people to upgrade to a newer phone? I am sure that this violates some sort of anti-trust and/or monopoly laws. Bottom line, your backup did not backup the phone entirely and it caused people to lose valuable information, whether it be photos, music, contacts, etc. But being Apple, you really don't care as evident by the many calls I have place to your service technicians and their supervisors.
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    Same thing happen to me
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    Upgraded to OS4.0 from my G3 Iphone, lost all contacts, good news was able to recover all contacts from the Itones-info-sync contacts-defalt-windows contacts.
    Apple support helped, thanks god it worked, my life is in my contacts.
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    Since going to INFO>SYNC CONTACTS>DEFAULT>WINDOWS CONTACTS fixed the lost contacts issue, does that mean my phone contacts should restore even if I never told iphone to save contacts to Windows??? Does iTunes automatically backup my contacts into my Windows Address book for me when I sync my iPhone to the computer?

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    Can someone please give me advice on how to recover lost contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

    Two days ago I tried to upgrade to os 4.0. It was running very slow and took several hours. Instead of upgrading to 4, it upgraded to 3.1.3. That's a whole other issue which I do not care to address. When I checked my phone the next morning, my contacts were gone except the one since my last sync which was about 2 months ago. Please note that I had not actually backed up my phone since November of 2009. I did not realize that the phone does not automatically back up the phone with each sync. In any case, I have nothing on the SIM card, therefore there are no contacts there. I would rather not restore to November because I will lose everything from November until approximately May. My Outlook only has the 15 new contacts, and I am not sure if anyone has any idea of how I can recover my old contacts. Thank you.