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    Do you know how you can tell if someone doesn't own an IPhone?

    If you see them talking on a bluethooth!
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    sandycec wrote:
    Guys, finally some good news (I guess). Took my iphone4 to the Genius bar tonight. Explained the problem of caller hearing our voice muffled. Initially, he went through the routine of how he has never heard this complaint before till now blah blah. I told him bluntly how all the apple stores and the apple customer support over the phone have been saying that to everybody complaining about this bluetooth problem even the number has grown significantly now. I also made him read this forum's thread so that he can understand the magnitude of this issue. I told him about the different theories going around such as WiFi interfering with bluetooth operation or the Noise cancellation mic picking up our voice when talking through Bluetooth handsfree set etc. I also asked if he is aware of this issue being rectified in the OS4.1 to which he replied that as far as he knows all they fixing primarily is the proximity sensor issue.

    I told him that I already tried their phone support once but all they could suggest was resetting the phone to factory settings and if it still doesn't work get a replacement. He went to settings>General>About and said if there is hardware problem then the bluetooth device's number wouldn't be displayed there which obviously wasn't the case with my phone. So he said the device must be good and so there is no need for replacement.

    He then suggested that he take it inside because he has some kind of "bluetooth tester". After 10 mins, he came out and said he was actually able to replicate that problem of the caller on the other end hearing out muffled voice and so he contacted Apple's main tech center or whatever that place is called and they clearly informed him that they are aware of this issue and working on it and a fix would be issued in the OS4.1 when its released. Also apprarently that tech center had received these complaints already and are working on it. The diagnosis run on my phone would also be sent to their tech center in order to help them fix this software bug. He did mention that in OS4.0 Apple had written the code for bluetooth from the scratch which might I have led to the bugs not existent in the previous versions .
    When asked for a release date for the OS4.1 he replied that he expects it to take like two months(!) though the OS4.0.1 got released very quickly.
    So to summarize it does look like apple is aware of this frustrating issue and are going to have a fix for that in OS4.1. I hope all these are true and not just some marketing gimmick by apple's PR & Marketing to prevent people from returning the phones before the 30day period ends. All said and done, it is incumbent on Apple's part to atleast respond to customers properly. I understand it takes time to fix things. But customers are more frustrated by the silence rather than the actual problem itself. Anyways, keeping my fingers crossed and holding on to the iphone...

    oHhhhhh sandy~!!!.... ohhhhh, how i hope this is tRUE.. this [your's] is the post i've been searching far &near for, for over 2 weeks.. sounds promising!.. i hope u're just not pulling on everyone's chain!! ;-P
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    NOW....... what about the SCREEN LOCK..while on-a-call issue?.. -or the lack of, i should say...- (they must've written that code from sCRATCH too!, bcuz it was working FINE until iPhone4/iOS 4)-!!!!!!!
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    How’s your Bluetooth? We didn’t notice any issues with the Bluetooth performance when we reviewed the iPhone 4, but it looks like others haven’t been so lucky. Multiple complaints (see here, here, here and here) have sprung up in the Apple support forums since the release of iOS4, either for upgraded iPhone 3GS handsets or iPhone 4 units with the latest OS preloaded, with owners describing sporadic connections, an inability to play music wirelessly and poor audio quality during calls.

    The issues have arisen with a broad range of third-party devices, including factory-fit ICE systems, aftermarket stereos and headsets from brands including Jawbone and Motorola. AppleCare is apparently refusing to acknowledge the problem and, since there’s no official method to downgrade an iPhone 3GS to iOS3.x once it has been updated to iOS4, owners are left with no fix in sight. As we say, we’ve not seen the issue ourselves; if you’re having problems with your iOS4 device’s Bluetooth, let us know in the comments. ddy-audio-2395177/#comment-65460

    [via Apple Insider]
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    jkozlow3 wrote:
    ShinobiX, you are ABSOLUTELY correct. If my call STARTS in my BT headset (Plantronics Voyager Pro), my calls are not muffled whatsoever. I have tested this with 20+ calls. However, when I switch to the headset AFTER the call has already started, I sound very muffled to the person on the other end.

    I can easily recreate this by:

    1. Starting the call with bluetooth (sounds fine)
    2. Switching audio to the iPhone itself (sounds fine)
    3. Switching back to the bluetooth = muffled!

    Sadly, that is not the case for everybody... at least not for me. I can switch back and forth as many times as I want, but my voice is ONLY muffled if I receive a call... no matter how I answer the call initially (via BT or on iPhone and then switch to BT) my voice is muffled on the other end. I can make as many calls as I can and I'll sound GREAT (in fact on my Voyager Pro people are noticing an improvement over my former Droid in Verizon), but on 9 out of 10 calls I receive I sound muffled and almost inaudible on my BT... I can switch to iPhone and sound is great... back to BT and it's ruined! There's that 1 call out of 10 calls that I receive and I sound OK... but it's totally random and sporadic.

    I am now past my 30-day return point and I am beginning to HATE iPhone as a phone... I have owned iPhone ever since beginning of 3G--but never used it as a phone, just for data. I have loved it for that and nothing else could ever replace it. Finally I made the switch to AT&T for my voice as well beginning with iPhone 4 upgrade... now I'm missing the phone part of my Droid and Verizon...
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    Here's one way to prove this is definitely an iOS4 issue:

    Resetting all settings on the phone is a temporary fix for this bluetooth issue. After resetting and then pairing the headset, sound quality is perfect

    After a few days, it stops working again.

    I'm having issues so bad with my Jawbone Icon where the moment I put my phone in my pant pocket, the sound cuts in and out on my headset, but the moment i take the phone out of my pocket, it works fine.

    Here's all the jawbone customers having the same problem and reporting it on their website: -noise-amp-muffled-voice/td-p/3909/highlight/false
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    Having same problem -- other callers complain that I sound muffled or "robotic" or "far away" with both the Plantronics Voyager Pro and the built-in BT speakerphone in my 2006 Prius and the built-in speaker phone in our 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. I have no trouble hearing the other party, but they definitely have trouble hearing me.

    The problems STARTED when I upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS4.0, but are no different on my new iPhone 4 with the original iOS 4.0 and have not improved after upgrading to iOS 4.0.1.

    My other half has the exact same issue only his old iPhone was an iPhone 3G. Now on iPhone 4 / iOS 4.0.1. he has the same issues with his own Plantronics Voyager Pro and with both cars.

    In the good news department, my Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 was useless on iPhone OS 3, because there was no volume control. It works PERFECTLY with iOS4 for listening to music. I don't know if it has the same muffled audio problem on phone calls, since I so rarely find myself on the phone when using them. But at least they're great as of iOS4/4.0.1 for listening to at least SOMETHING improved with BT support on iOS4.x.

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    Sad to say this problem was so prevalent with my Voyager bluetooth that I had to return iPhone 4.
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    Well, I called Apple Support on July 24th and spent at least an hour talking with an Apple Advisor and a Senior Advisor out of Austin, TX. I have also been having problems with the Voyager Pro and the iPhone4 with the similar symptoms that everyone has been describing. Unfortunately, I did not have the same experience you had at the Genius bar. Neither of the gentlemen I spoke to would admit to hearing about any issues regarding bluetooth connectivity or sound quality and offered no solution. This was a new issue for them and they wouldn't admit to seeing any sort of trend. My 30 day period is also up and my hope is that a software solution will be coming soon. I too had both advisors visit this thread. It didn't really seem to make any difference. In the end, the Senior Advisor agreed to look into it further and get back with me. I suggested that he contact the gentleman at the Genius Bar that you spoke to. - I think it would be great to see if we could get them to speak to each other.

    The Senior Advisor I spoke with was Edgardo Hernandez. His phone number is 877.388.0879 x41227 Maybe if he hears from the guy at the Genius bar he'll have news about 4.1 as you had heard and can share it with others. Maybe contacting Edgardo directly would help.

    Ugh.. Until all of the Apple support centers have the same story, I think it shows Apple still hasn't recognized or won't admit that this as a rather serious issue.
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    Have ip4. Had ip3. Ip3 worked great. Use for work to call, set my appointments for next day. My clients hate-HATE- new phone, ip4-- I use to be able to make calls with a headset, I miss this feature. I use to be able to use headset and walk in other room---I miss that alot too. -- not gizmo person, hate idea of switching phone-- did it anyway, miss my old phone, miss my trust in Apple. -- now, settle for ip4, hope Apple fix's what is not effective for me, because I'm scared to switch back and lose what I've invested at this point! (not just $, but my time as well)...or return my new boat anchor...
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    My in-car bluetooth worked great with my old iPhone 3G and my wife's 3GS. I got the iPhone 4 and it no longer works properly. My wife's 3GS on old firmware still works great, so it's the iOS 4 that's the problem, period.

    Partial list of problems:

    Doesn't always automatically pair

    Outgoing calls work well once paired - at least most of the time

    Incoming calls do not pass through to the car system, and if I try to switch over after calling, it switches over, but no sound comes out of the car system.

    The last one is most irritating, since an incoming call should mute my car stereo, lower the a/c fan speed, ring through the system and display the caller ID. Instead, I get nothing. As it now stands, I often can't hear my phone if its in my pocket and the stereo is on, so I miss the call.
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    my bluetooth hands free car kit worked for years on other iphones
    Now i got the iphone4 it just stops working all the time driving me mad
    The last update fixed it for about 3 days then stop again
    Dont like to btch about apple they make amazing stuff
    But this is driving me mad
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    I'm getting lousy bluetooth quality from a Sennheiser MM400 (this is not a cheap headset) and a MOTOROKR headset. Call quality is poor. People tell me they can't understand or hear me. I can pair my headsets with my iPhone 4 just fine, put the phone in my pocket and music and audiobooks cut in and out. I used both of these headsets with my iPhone 3GS. I also have lousy range with both of my headsets when I'm at the office. I used to be able to walk quite a few feet from my phone and keep the connection, now it cuts out when it's in my pocket. Come on Apple, let's fix it. Right now I'm so disappointed.
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    Has anyone tried iOS 4.1 beta 2 that was made available to developers last night?
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