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Is there anyway I can stop my Imac PC annoying 'Bong' sound every time I start it up? it is so loud and wakes the family. I run 10.6 OXS

IMac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    As far as i understand the operating system the bong or start up sound is a recognition that the computer has started up successfully. If you turn down the volume on the keyboard before shutting down it will reduce the volume of the start up sound next time you power up
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    I did try hitting the 'mute' button before finally closing down the pc. It was successful for a while but for some reason , it don't work now. Strange I know, I can't puzzle that one out!

    I understand its there to say 'everything is in order' when the pc starts up, but I don't need or wish to hear it. If I can silence it without causing issue to the start up process, that would be great. Thanks for the reply.
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    This can be a very useful diagnostic tool. If you don't hear the boot chime, then you know there is something wrong at a pretty basic level of the system.

    Anyway, the boot chime volume is always the same as the OS volume. So if the OS volume is at zero or mute, then you won't hear the boot chime. But it's a like 2 second long sound, so I highly doubt it will really disturb anyone. It's a natural tendency for people to exaggerate the significance of these things. We think that because it is fairly loud to us, that it must be that way to others, which isn't necessarily true.
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    Hi, when I purchased my first Mac, the engineer who added RAM for me said, I love the Chimes/Bong
    it tells me it's a Mac & itz good to go...When I started selling Macs, I used the phrase in my pitch & it worked, plus of course the greatest deal ever -> AppleCare.......hear it enjoy it""....L
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    Just download and install the 3rd party System Preference StartupSound

    You can mute the sound completely, or adjust the volume lower.


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    here's really no need to turn the Mac off every time you're done using it. Unless you will be away from it for a few days, or longer, just put it to sleep.
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    Download This. Restart after installation, you may have to turn it on a couple of times but other than that it works perfectly.

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    Hi Scott,
    I work various anti social hours and sadly, yes the 'bong' is loud enough to wake people in the small night hours. I know from the 'I'm not amused ' expression on the face of 'her indoors' woken from the tomb. when i was using my old windows laptop, i was able to shut off the various sounds i didn't wish to hear. just wish to do the same. thanks for the reply.
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    This really helped. I do run from the ext speaker out to my amp and near field studio monitors. I copied this from the link you gave me to help others.

    {Re: Startup sound is back
    Posted: Jun 25, 2010 10:46 AM in response to: Madvillain
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    You need to make sure you have NO external speakers hooked up to your Mac when muting. Your startup chime depends on the volume you set when no external audio devices are connected. Unplug speaks, mute, plug speaks back in. Now try. }

    I did what it suggested and it worked. I just hit the 'mute' button on keyboards before final close down and when i restart, no annoying 'Bong'....result!

    I understand the arguments for having it there but I also believe in not being forced to have something I don't want-too much 'nanny' state. I'm an Adult and I have the ability to make an informed decision .

    Thanks for the link.

    i did look at psstt but the read me file attached said it don't always work. Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.
    kind regards to all for your replies /suggestions
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    Glad I could help.
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    You were spot on with the help. I do like to turn off the pc if out the house for most of the day-why waste electric and i feel its safer. just fired up pc to work now 10.30pm and guess what? no bong!.Heaven ...wink.

    next challenge for me is to fix the common bug (apparently) with my safari v 5? It runs slowly. i read its a common fault with this version and they rec. downgrading to v4.