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I have a 3rd generation iPod Touch that has been upgraded to iOS 4. My iPod Touch will no longer sync via the Apple Universal Dock. Also, my new iPhone 4 also will not sync via the Apple Universal Dock.

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    Trust a geek not to give up. I decided to get to the bottom of the "iOS device does not work with the Apple Universal Dock" problem. I noticed that the iPhone 4 and iPad came with slightly different USB-Dock adapter cables. I wondered if that might be the issue. My Apple Universal Dock was connected to my Mac via the original dock adapter cables which are slightly larger. I connected the newer cables between the Mac and the Apple Universal Dock and .... voila! Both the iPod Touch with iOS 4 and the iPhone can now connect via the Apple Universal Dock. Apple changed something in the way the adapter cables function.

    Of course I still have the problem with the car head unit dock adapter ... Sigh. I'll have to call Best Buy ( uughh! ) and find out if they'll do the update for me. The were the vendor authorized installer.
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    Just came back from the genius bar. I have an iphone 3g, and couldn't get any sound while connected to my stereo via the universal dock with composite cable connection after upgrading to iOS4. The genius bar guy fixed the problem by resetting my phone settings. Said something about an issue with the latest 3g firmware upgrade.
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    Khurt Williams wrote:
    Trust a geek not to give up.

    Great geeking