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  • steinway Level 1 Level 1
    I have the rattle, had the same with 3GS. I think that's normal. However one should not hear that when shaking the phone - Only tapping. There is one difference between 3GS and IP4, though: when in silent mode and you get a call and the phone starts to vibrate, there is BUZZING sound coming from the camera area. That's when the phone is in horizontal position (laying down). But if it's in vertical (upright) position, it doesn't buzz. It seems to me that something (and I hope it's again the camera autofocus) gets agitated by the vibration of the vibrating motor. The vibrator in IP4 is much smaller (also closer to camera) than in 3GS and therefore produces different frequency which, I think, makes camera vibrate in duet with the motor. COULD ANYONE READING THIS PLEASE CHECK IF YOUR IP4 DOES THAT TOO?
  • fatfrogger Level 1 Level 1
    it is the sleep/wake button on the bumper!
  • weirdude2841 Level 1 Level 1
    mine rattles and I assumed it was the gyroscope or something but reading this im getting worried. mine rattles around the camera. its not the sleep/wake button (i held it and still got the rattling) and I dont have a bumper on when i get the sound. I can get the rattling sound by lightly typing around the apple logo or just by setting it down too hard. Should I get it looked at?
  • supersalo Level 1 Level 1
    The 3GS did it as well. It's part of the vibrating "motor" mechanism
  • leviticus jones Level 1 Level 1
    Talked to the 'genius' bar this afternoon about the rattle and they initially suggested that it was the sleep/wake and I showed him it still rattles while holding the button down, so he took the phone to the back. He came out and told me it was the vibrate mechanism and that it shouldn't get any worse. It sounds bad whenever I set it down and is definitely coming form the top right corner (looking at the front of the phone) and from what I understand, the vibrate mechanism is in the top left corner... thoughts?
  • weirdude2841 Level 1 Level 1
    I've tested mine out while vibrating and it still makes the rattling noise so I suggest trying to get the rattling while its vibrating (it takes some timing). personaly I think if it was the vibrating motor the phone would make a rattling noise when vibrating.
  • hyraddict Level 1 Level 1
    I'm going to have to agree with killhippie on this one and say that it's something to do with the camera. My first iphone 4 sounded like it had something broken off inside and rattled when I shook it (can't remember if it had rattle by the camera). Sent it back for a replacement and that had the rattle by the camera. Sent that one back for my 3rd iPhone and the replacement had something broken off and the camera rattle. So I got on the phone with Apple support and the guy I've been working with told me that he was going to send me out a brand new one instead of a replacement model. Well this one is solid (nothing broken off inside), but it definitely has that camera rattle. I'm assuming most, if not all, have it. I think I'm sticking with the 4th i4.
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    I had my iphone4 replaced and the new one had the rattle. I could shake it or tap it lightly on the camera to make the rattle sound appear. When i got texts, it sounded like something was loose inside. I took it back to apple store over a week ago and they took it apart and said there was nothing wrong with it, but i did not have that problem with my previous iphone4. I went over to the table of iphone4's and sure enough i could tap them on the back and all of them rattled, but some seem worst than others.
  • Bob Loncaric Level 1 Level 1
    Pretty sure this is the lens and is normal. It kind of "floats" until it focuses, and then the phone moves it to a fixed position to focus. I have an old HTC diamond that has auto focus and rattles like crazy when the power is off. When you power it on, you hear the lens "snap" into place loudly.
  • weirdude2841 Level 1 Level 1
    mine had the ratlle. I took it into the apple store and the guy said he heard the same thing on his phone. he said he thought it was normal but offered to exchange the phone anyway. My new one does it too so I'm just assuming its normal.

    Just to clarify to some of the people who says their iPhone does NOT rattle-
    the iphone wont rattle if you shake it you have to tap on the back around the camera or set it down on a hard surface. I'm pretty sure with that criteria, every iPhone does have some rattle.
  • billfleet2 Level 1 Level 1
    I also have the rattle when setting the iphone4 down on a desk or table top. It is annoying and surprising that an Apple product would do this. Where is the quality control.
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  • daddave2 Level 1 Level 1
    No it doesn't.
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    My iPhone rattles and I have identified the sound as coming from the top power button. It still rattles if you simply hold your finger on the button and shake the phone from side to side. However, if you press and hold the button in and shake it, there is no rattle. Does anyone know if Apple (or AT&T) has addressed this issue?
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