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    Ive had my iphone 4 for the past three weeks. I am very happy with my iphone, however on one occasion, I had left it near my bed as usall and I woke up early in the morning to check what time it was. I pressed the home button... it wouldn't respond. I pressed the on/off button.. it wouldn't respond. I thought maybe I left so many applications running ie messenger, yahoo, some games, and other apps on while asleep. So I figured it drained my battery. I plugged it in and left it for ten minutes, I tried turning it on, however it didn't respond. PANIC ATTACK! I went straight onto my computer and googled what to do. I tried resetting it by holding the home and on/off button for a long time until the apple logo appeared (I held my breath for a good ten seconds) Luckily it turned on with 33% of the battery still intact.

    How the **** did it turn off by itself? Why did it turn off by itself? Will it do it again? Im afraid that it will happen when I most need it, i.e expecting a call, waiting for the alarm to wake me up for a flight etc... anyone to help?

    Kind Regards
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    This happened to me for the first time last night. It's been an odd series of issues with this new phone. First the photos would not sync to iPhoto on my Mac(now occasionally they do), then a couple of weeks ago it gave me an error message when it was syncing contacts that the phone disconnected itself(reset the phone and iSync and no issues now with that), sometimes when I plug it in to my Mac it doesn't actually charge(that's happened several times), and now last night it apparently shut itself off during the night while plugged into the Mac. Turn it back on this morning with 93% battery life. No idea what's causing all these issues, but it's very, very, very annoying.
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    I had the same issue. My Iphone4 32GB, is only 3 days old and also shutdown twice (co-incidentally in early afternoon) ie. completely dead. I had to restart by pressing the home and sleep buttons.

    So, I got into the apple store genius bar, and the genius replaced it with a refurbished Iphone4. A bit ticked off that. My Iphone4 is 3 days old. Replace it with a new one for crying out loud.

    Anyway, we'll monitor the problem. I'll hang on to my old Iphone3G for reserve.
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    HI... Mine is doing the same thing.. I have had the phone a week now and I have had to HR it over 15-20 times... also my earbuds will not plugin.. stop short of being completely inserted. I called Apple and have a new phone on the way.. but I got no explanation ... nor did I ask.. when I called I said I have done all I could to get the phone to work correctly, and I was not prepared to do more. I have read all kinds of other people wit the same thing... but have yet to read about a reason for why I have had to do a hard reset (HR) so often..
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    Same problem here -- 4-5 reboots required per day. I take it out of my pocket to use it and it has turned itself right off in a matter of seconds. Any comment from Apple on the issue?
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    I'm glad you posted this. I've been having this problem too since I got my phone on June 29th. I was going to try the restore in the hopes of fixing the problem. I guess I'll still try, but now I'm not holding out much hope...
  • jabadie Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I'm glad you posted this. I've been having this problem too since I got my phone on June 29th. I was going to try the restore in the hopes of fixing the problem. I guess I'll still try, but now I'm not holding out much hope...
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    Hi All;

    My iPhone4 only under 3 weeks old died on me 16 September 18:50 P.M. GMT. I was Shocked and just googled on iPhone4 issue. So for next 10-15 mins I had been trying to turn the Home Button and Main Power Button.

    Power was 70%, no Apps open just simply dead. Anyways It came alive after panic stricken tries on Home and On/Off Button.

    Will complain to Apple about this.
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    Same problem as most of you above.

    New iPhone 4, shuts down when sleeping in my pocket. Sometimes it shuts down after an hour, sometimes after 30 seconds. It took about 3 separate times of holding the home and power buttons to revive it.

    I tried to update, restore, restore from backup, setup a new iPhone, taking the case off (overheating? no.).

    I finally went to the Apple store. They performed a deep restore that deletes the firmware and re-installs it. They said if I had any problems, come back. So, I drove home and found the iPhone turned off again. I turned around, headed back to the Apple Store, and they gave me new phone.

    Hopefully this will resolve the problem. Try all your troubleshooting steps first, then make an appointment.
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    i have the same problem. i have restored many times i am going to get a replacement at the apple store tomorrow. every time i go to use it its off!!!!
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    Im having the same problem too. Restore to factory settings fixes it for a few days but it always happens again. Going to have to get a replacement. such a waste of time and money.
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    My iPhone4 32Gb has been randomly shutting down for the past 2 weeks or so. Before this I had about a month of perfect use. I tried a restore to backup and the same thing kept happening. I did a restore to new from two different computers and still the same thing. The phone would work right after but still randomly shutdown and the only way to turn it back on is to plug it into a power source.

    I've been trying to see if it may be certain apps causing this but it still happens when there are no apps installed.

    2 days ago I tried turning off the location services setting and my phone hasn't shutdown since. Before this it was shutting down a good 5 or 6 times a day..... Coincidence? Maybe. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed this is it. At least it gives me some uninterrupted use until I can get a replacement phone or Apple figures out if it's hardware or software glitch.

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    I had this problem, got a new phone ultimately. Well, the new phone has exactly the same problem. I'm writing this because I just had to do a hard reset. It happens multiple times daily. I guess I'm going to have to get a third iPhone 4. When the phone works, I love it. But it shuts down too often.
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    I had the same problem. Then I discovered that if I pressed the sleep/wake button and and slid the unlock slider about 22 times, the iPhone display would freeze, start to flicker then go dark. The "buttons" still work, it's just that I couldn't see them. I would have to hold down the sleep/wake button and slide the power off slider (guessing that it is at the top of the display) or I would have to hard reset the iPhone 4 several times a day. I called Apple Support and they suggested that I do a complete "erase of all contents and settings" on my iPhone 4 and restore as a "new phone". Previously, I did a restore from my saved 3GS backup. This seemed to work. I haven't had a random shutdown so far (knock on wood). The only problem with setting your iPhone 4 as a new phone is that you will need to manually set up your iPhone 4 again (emails, apps, etc.) since you can't restore your settings from the backup.
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    Had my phone 6 weeks and it just turned off, took hard resets, restores etc to turn it back on, then It was just dead after it dong this several times over two days I took it to genius bar in Exeter and they gave me new phone straight away, if you have this problem, just take it into an apple store, we pay a lit of money and it should work and we shouldnt/don't need to put up with this kind of thing....

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