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I just finished burning several different versions of an iMovie project onto DVD. I need to burn one more, but every time I try, I get the message: "Not enough free disk space for encoding the remaining assets." How do I erase the other movie projects? I don't need them, and that's the only way I can think of to open up disk space. Thank you!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6), iPod touch
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    Hi ophelia0311

    Welcome to apple discussions. You drag and drop the entire iMovie project folder to the trash and empty it. Restart your mac to reclaim that much needed disc space and you're set to go.

    You do the same for unwanted iDvd projects btw (namely drag and drop the entire iDvd project file to the trash and empty it followed by a restart of your mac).

    Things to remove would be things like completed iMovie and iDvd project files. If you have a vast collection of photos & videos; burning them to dvd helps as does using Monolingual to clear languages other than English (if you can afford to do so). The latter will clear about 500 MB's from the main HD .....


    Hope this helps but if not just come on back.

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