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I have an iPhone 3GS and a MacBook Pro. I find it much more convenient to download free podcasts directly from the iPhone while on the go, instead of having them download to my iTunes on my computer and then syncing to my phone.

Some of these podcasts are available for a limited time only (e.g. This American Life). I would like to save and backup these podcasts on my computer.

iPhone backups in iTunes, however, don't save any of these podcasts. In addition, there isn't any record of these podcasts in my iTunes Store purchased history (even though these free podcasts are technically "purchased"). Syncing my iPhone will delete all these podcasts because they are not on my computer.

I know iTunes doesn't allow transfers from phone to computer to prevent copyright abuse, but I'm just trying to save podcasts that I actually legitimately "purchased" from the iTunes store.

How do I get this content on my computer?

Thank you.