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  • g_man_iphone Level 1 (0 points)

    The new released iOS5 features "use the volum buttons to snap pics and videos", and on theire website they have a picture of someone using the new controls and (the buttons facing up to the sky) and they look okay on the iPhone4 after you take them but sure enough when to transfer to a computer, ALL vidoes and pictures, are upside down. Only Quicktime plays them properly oriented. Every other video player like, VLC, Windows Media PLayer 9 and Classic, DivX Player, RealMedia Player... and most video editing software will show the videos upside down!!


    What a stupid glitch or oversight by Apple... (again).

  • inspectorgadjet Level 1 (0 points)

    I also recording video using the volume button and in windows it imports upside down.


    I am also having trouble with rotating it Windows Movie Maker because it won't save it back to 1080p for me. It always seems to drop the resolution down no matter what I try.


    I wish I could upload 1080p straight from my iPhone 4S/iMovie to YouTube. It's annoying that I have to go back to using a PC to upload the video now. Also seems like a weird thing to leave out and would eliminate the upside down video issue for me. The Galaxy S2 can upload 1080p straight from the phone.

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    I have just discovered that even though the video is upside when imported to PC, if you just upload it to YouTube as is, YouTube is clever enough to rotate it correctly for you. Awesome!

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    Mine uploads correctly to YouTube, until I make the quality 720p or 1080p, then it flips back to upside down.

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    IDK if anyone said this yet, but if you play it in quicktime it works, Maby Microsoft and apple software don't get along or something lol.



    If you have quicktime installed just RIGHT MOUSE CLICK >OPEN WITH > QUICK TIME PLAYER for windows.

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    Wow you are a tool! Using Quicktime has been posted time and time again FYI... we ALL KNOW it works with Quicktime, and no the upside down video problem is not a Mac/ Windows not liking each other issue, if you read the threads... ALL videos are upside down in EVERY video program other than Quickitme... and just so I am clear about this, Windows does not make  the VLC Player, RealMeadia Player, DivX Player or any other third party video player or editing software in which all videos appear upside down (software that is also supported by Macs).... so it is strictly an iPhone sofwater issue. Also using the Quicktime tool to rotate the vidoe is only for Quicktime PRO users, I personally will never buy that carp softawre again.


    Thsese forums are totally useless unless Apple actually reads them and takes action or at least make the slightest effort to respond to any of them!!  oh, and yes I am mad bro, so don't ask!

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    This is the real killer - as g_man_iphone posts above.


    Since you obviously want to hold the phone to take stills in the orientation which has the volume buttons uppermost and to the right (with the new iOS 5 capability), I assumed that was the correct orientation for video.  Nothing doing!


    Apple should provide something to guide the user in these circumstances.  As it is, I have a whole bunch of upside-down video which is a pain to handle.  Getting terrific quality HD video out of the phone is amazing, but if I then have to recompress it to get it the right way up, it's pointless!

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    I guess I never knew there was a problem until I read this thread.  I've been using my iPhone 4 and 4S for video capture.  Since updating to iOS5 I use them with the volume control buttons in the upper right and use the vol up button as the shutter.  I then edit the video either in iMovie on the device or in Final Cut Pro X if I want more features.  Absolutely no problems with upside down video at all.  I haven't shared any of my footage that has been edited with iMovie on the device or in FCPX so I don't know if there is a problem with footage processed in those apps.  Perhaps they 'rotate' the image during rendering...??


    I do know that other video programs on my iMac--VLC, video conversion programs that display the video, etc., do not display the video correctly, i.e. as reported elsewhere in this tread it is shown upside down but with Quicktime/FCPX/iMovie I've never needed any of those third party programs.  I am curious, though, so I'll probably get around to testing a iDevice iMovie render to see if it is 'up' side 'up' or still upside down on third party apps.


    Ok, curiosity got the better of me.  Clips rendered by iMovie on my iPhone 4 and 4S do have the images rotated so that the clip displays correctly on VLC (that's the only third party app I tested).


    As to cause...I don't know anything about metadata in video clips, but I wonder if it isn't the same 'problem' that affects still images on iDevices since about version 3.13 of iOS.  The iDevices with cameras do not rotate the image before saving, they set the EXIF field which tells third party apps how the image should be rotated so that 'up' is 'up'. Many apps still fail to honor this EXIF data field even though it has been around a long time. Perhaps video clips have the same or a similar metadata field and most third party programs do not honor it at this time--Just a thought.

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    g_man_iphone, thanks for posting a photo - that is how I was using the video (upsidedown apparently)!


    My iPhone 4S, IOS 5.0.1 video .mov plays in proper horizontal orintation in Quicktime as I shot it with +&- buttons in the top left.


    When I import .mov into Final Cut Pro 6.0.6, it looks correct in Canvas until I Play or scrub it (then it shifts upside down).


    Let me see if this fix/solution is correct:


    I am supposed to shoot video with the camera upside down compared to how I take stills on the iPhone and how every other professional camera I've used over the past 25 years???


    If I shot it as COMMONSENSE dictates, I need to Rotate it in FCP if I want to edit it.


    I guess that is "Thinking Differently" - written while waiting 40 minutes for FCP to Render the rotation of my 3.4-minute clip on my 8-core (20GB ram) so I can edit it?



  • -g Level 4 (3,205 points)

    Add to that 40 minutes to render my 3.4-minute iPhone clip — another 17 minutes to Export a Self-Contained .mov so I don't risk losing my render file (and starting over).






    5 minutes into that Export Compressor process, the 17-min progress bar has turned into another 30 minutes at 20%...


    The iPhone 'geniuses' need to talk to the Final Cut Studio team, this is Ridiculous...

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    I have seen the discussion at length. The Solution for the problem of upside down video and pics is to use Picasa from Google. It shows it correctly and you are able to edit, email , and order pics from there

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    Im glad to see its not just me, yes quicktime fixes it but i never had this issue with my iphone 3g. You'd think with a new iphone 4s it would be automatic

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    Dear sir,


    I had the same problem when importing movies

    created on the iPhone 4S ... when I played them using Windows

    Media Player. The solution is to right-click on the video icon,

    and select "opens with iTunes". When you play your video in iTunes,

    the problem will be solved - no more upside-down videos.

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    Well I posted this back on Oct 13, 2011 and still today Jan 17, 2012, 3 months later I have NOT herad any feedback from Apple. It feels like I am dealing with just another idiot company that no longer cares about feedback and customer support. Perhaps this fortum is run by Napoleon Dynamite and his buddy Pedro. Gaaad... idiots!!


    Apple if you are listening... (which I am sure you ARE NOT), Why don't you shove a fat non Flash-playing iPad with no SD media support or usb input up your *** and then tell me how that felt.

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    Agreed man! What the **** were apple thinking - seriously and then you're stuck in their quicktime jail to play back everything. I shot the best footage of my neighbour and his daughter very special - guess what? Upside down. Apple a bunch of life wasters! Better things to do than work out this crap! is Anddroid a swear word on this site. Can't rotate in iTunes. Hopefully PC will have a solution - maybe adobe premier can rotate. hmmm.