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My iPad had successfully connected with my original home Wi-Fi network. My wireless router died, and I had to replace it. After I replaced it, I set up the iPad with the new router and password. The Settings app showed that I had connected with the new network, and the signal indicator on the top of the iPad shows full strength, but when I try to connect to Mail or Safari with my settings intact, I am told that there is no internet connection.
The same connection on my iMac works just fine. I have done the Renew Lease process, and the Reset Network Settings to no avail.
What to do next? I am unable to access the iBook Store and the App Store.

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    Sorry, I also can not help. I have only similar problems. After installation of iTunes 9.2 and after synchronization of my iPhone and of my new iPad (computer Windows XP)I can not get any Internet connection by iPhone and iPad. Before iTunes 9.2, all was working correctly and blendly. I am not happy now because I have no time for any Reset of Rescue of Data, I want to start for a longdistance and longtime trip in some days. Regards from Germany.
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    Have you tried resetting by pressing the sleep button and the home button simultaneously and holding until you see the apple logo? Try that and post back if that worked.
  • David M Brewer Level 6 (9,365 points)
    Go to the iPad settings... wifi and see if you can connect from there.
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    Please see my original message. The wireless connection was set up with the new router using iPad Settings/Wireless. The unit shows that I have a good connection, but Safari and my e-mail apps say I am not connected to the internet.
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    What address is shown under setting? If it starts with 169 you did not receive an address from your router. Frequently my Mac Mini shows I have a good connection (all bars showing) but I get error message that I am not connected so the signal strength meter is not a real signal of being connected. I solve that problem by turning off an then on its AirPort card.
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    Dr. Toad,

    I am having the exact same problem--no internet connection for Mail or Safari, but strong network signal and verifited connection to local network. In fact, I can use the Remote app to control my iTunes over the network, but I cannot get any internet access or use apps that require the internet. I have tried all solutions suggest in this thread thus far, including multiple resets of the iPad and the network. Additionally, I run a desktop, a laptop PC, and two iPhones on the same network and each device can access the internet. I will let you know what I find out.
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    Dr. Toad,

    Are you using a Netgear router? If so, log in to the router and upgrade the firmware. Netgear has just released an upgrade, This solved my problem. Hamilton
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    Dear Dr. Toad, I have a similar problem. I went to visit my family in Germany and connected to their wifi fine for a few days and now it suddenly stoped and I tried all the suggested restarts etc and resetting network. I see all the bars but it also shows no service and just can not connect to the internet. Please post if you find a solution. Thanks
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    Hi. I had symptoms thatd the above, and solved my Internet connectivity by hard-coding my dns server ip address to one of my ISPs dns server ip address. Seems my modem wasn't cutting the mustard. Hope this helps
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    I am getting this problem frequently. Went to the local MacDonalds today, see lots of bars for the att wireless there but cannot get connection to Internet. Settings says I am connected. The bars imply I am connected. But no connection to the Internet.

    A week ago, I went to a another restaurant. Same problem. It says I am on the network in Settings, I see several bars but I get the message that I am "not connected to the Internet" when I try to use Safari. Mail etc. does not work. The message comes up very fast and often goes down so fast it is hard to read. But there is no internet access.

    I went to the Apple Store: it works fine there. It works on my home wifi.
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    Final follow-up to my problem. Had my cable company trouble shoot the new modem they installed, and they discovered that it was not programmed correctly. After they corrected this, everything worked fine.
    Thanks to everyone for their comments and help.
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    This sounds like the right solution to my problem, but I just do not know what it means.
    Can you explain it in non-technical language please?
    (Terms I do not understand inclued DNS
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    I was having a similiar issue where I was connected to my home network but I kept getting no connection to the internet. After going around in circles with the iPad settings and my router settings I noticed that the HTTP Proxy setting was set to off. Once I put this to auto my iPad started working again. Not sure if it was the only thing the helped but it was the last thing I changed.