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Has anybody had a problem with audio cutting out during a phone call on the iPhone 4 (or even on an older phone with iOS4)? I don't mean a call dropping, the call remains connected but incoming audio cuts out intermittently for a second or two. It isn't consistent when or for how long it happens but it always comes back after a few seconds at the most. It happens with and without a wired headset and it happens regardless of whether I'm holding the phone. I'm starting to think I might have a defective phone because I haven't read about anyone else having this problem yet.

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    Yeah, have exactly the same issue. A Sony stereo bluetooth headset and a Jabra earpiece - both worked perfectly with 3G, 3GS, iPad, but constantly cutting out audio on the 4 unless I'm 1" away from the phone.

    My guess is Apple dropped bluetooth transmitter power to increase battery life, probably accounts for most of the iPhone 4 bluetooth problems on the forum. I'd rather charge more often and actually have a functioning phone.
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    I've had that happen with the speakerphone. It has not happened over Bluetooth. But I use the speakerphone way more than a headset, so that probably doesn't mean anything.

    I hate to say it, but it seems to happen less with a case on.

    I reported it as a bug and I'm waiting to see what happens after the first iOS4 update. If it's still continuing, I'll take it back and ask to have it swapped out.
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    I have the same exact problem. Audio cuts out intermittently for me for a second or two at a time and fairly frequently. I make sure I'm not touching both antennas, but that hasn't helped. Happens both with and without using my bluetooth headset. Same thing happens on the other end of the call, where the other person tells me I cut out or get too quiet to hear periodically. I have full signal, was sitting still at my desk, and never had this problem on my iPhone 3G so it's not AT&T. It was even interfering with my ability to talk to Apple tech support (different issue), but I'll have to call them back about this.
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    I am having a similar issue. It only happens when I have my headphones in. I can take them out and the call is fine, but as soon as I put them in the calls seem to cut in and out. Didn't have this problem on the 3G at all.
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    Yep, my wife's and my iPhone 4's are having the same problem along with drop calls and fluctuating 3G signal.
    Never had this issue with my 2G or 3G iPhones.
    Went to AT&T and had them replace the sims, but that didn't help.
    I really hope a fix comes soon, because I'm starting to doubt this iPhone hardware.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. I'm having the problem with the iPhone 4 with and without a case on.
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    I am having this problem as well, even with normal calls (no bluetooth, no speaker phone). Happens in various locations, but all (that I have noticed) have 4-5 bars. I have the Apple iPhone 4 bumper (which does not seem to help with dropped calls or this problem).

    This is in Seattle, where I also get dropped calls every 5-10 mins of talk time.
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    Yes! I have the same issue too with me Motorokr s9 stereo BT headset and my Jawbone Icon -- This happens both when playing music via the iPod app OR when speaking on the phone. I can't put the phone in my pocket or else this happens!!! I also can't put it on the desk then walk around my 12x12 office without the dropouts. Having to hold the phone close to the headset kinda defeats the purpose. BTW, my 3GS worked almost flawlessly with these devices. I know, early-adopter syndrome but REALLY! I really rely on the BT headsets

    Just got off the phone with Apple Support -- they were ver nice and helpful. They've scheduled me a Genius appt for tomorrow morning so they can run diags on the iPhone. They've also asked me to bring the headsets.

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    I am having this same problem. I thought it was my wife's new blutooth at first. Then I noticed it happens when I talk to everyone. Only on the headphones or blutooth tho. Kind of annoying.
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    Eric Balch1 -- did you find anything out at the Genius Bar?

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    Nothing really from the Genius at Apple -- not that they were dismissive. They tested the phone and said everything seemed to be OK with it. They noted the issue and said that it was possible that the problem might be resolved via the upcoming patch. They also said that if I continued to have the problems that I should make an appointment and come back and they would replace the phone.

    Oddly, later that day I had to reboot my phone -- for the first time since I got it -- and THAT resolved my bluetooth issues. If/when I start having these issues again I will try the same and report back on my results. It's looking like a bluetooth software issue though. Like I said rebooting worked for me. I'm ashamed and embarrassed I didn't try this before. Seems so simple!

    Please post your results!
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    I am using the same headset I used on my 3G iPhone now with the iPhone 4, and I'm experiencing the same problems everyone is talking about. When talking with someone they mention my audio periodically cuts out, again this only happens when using a wired headset. I use a standard over the head one ear headset with a 2.5mm and use the adapter to convert to 3.5mm. I've tried various different adapters and headsets same problem, this is getting extremely frustrating, I've got these darn headset spread out throughout my office.
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    I wonder if the issues outside of bluetooth (eg. with handset only or wired headphones) has something to do with the new noise-canceling mic in the iPhone 4.

    It's quite possible that the noise-cancelation algorithm needs some tweaking I suppose.
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