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I just bought an unlocked iPhone 4 on the realease day (Thursday) at Apple Store in Paris. On friday i came back to Brazil. I'm trying to enable FaceTime here, but every time I try to aneable it i receve an SMS from a French number (+44 7786 205094) with an odd message: ¿¿¿¿y¿¿REG-RESP?v=2;r=XXXXXXX;n=+XXXXXXXXX;s=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

(I marked as X the numbers and codes I received, since it's look likes an password and a hash code)

At the settings the facetime keep anouncing "waiting for activation".

What can be happeining?

Best regards,

iPhone 4, iOS 4
  • Rodrigo_V_U Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I also live in Brazil, and have bought an iPhone 4 on Jun 25th, in London.

    I'm also receiving the same SMS....... (intime, +44 refers to an UK number, not French)

    If anybody can help us, it'd be great!


  • Rodrigo_V_U Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tryed to reply the SMS to the +44 number and it seems it has stopped ....

    try there.

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    I'm at Sao Paulo, I did not received any sms, my Facetime still "waiting activation ..." I called Apple @ 1-888-FACETIME They promise call me back, but nothing yet.

    I also tried some of the tutorials, anyone can help us?
  • Rodrigo_V_U Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    yes, you're right.... the FaceTime has turned itself off (I don't know how), that's why I no longer was receiving the SMS....

    When I switched it to on again, the messages came back
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    Any news? Only a couple of BRazilians could enable the Facetime normally.

    Did you guys call APPLE? They are close now, but it seems to be our only hope, please let me know any evolution.
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    Almost 5 working and testing, this seems To be a problem with Claro carrier, some ported numbers are also no activating, but only with Claro it's getting this Error SMS.
  • Rodrigo_V_U Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    can it be?

    Mine is Claro, also
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    I'm already using ViVo non-ported number, works very well. My friendnwith ported line from Tim To Vivo is also working. Brazilian users please share your experiences! I'm already in contact wit Claro iPhone team To try To resolve this issue, until now, I don't know a single user with Claro and Facetime activated.
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    Have a look at this thread for more info, FaceTime relies on a couple of background texts to Apple servers. If they don't get sent and returned correctly then Facetime won't work. Not all carriers are processing the texts or maybe Apple is blocking them on some carriers:
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    I bought 2 iPhone4 in Paris (for me and for my wife).

    Back in Brazil I inserted a SIM from TIM with a old pre-paid plan on both phones to use while we didn't get a 3G plan.

    Both phones were able to get the numbers from the SIM and use the SMS to activate FaceTime and I used the FaceTime for a week without problems.

    Since TIM's 3G is very poor where I live, we switch our numbers to Claro where we received temporarily numbers until our original numbers were ported from TIM to Claro.

    With those temp SIMs from Claro, the iPhone was never able to retrieve the phone number from the SIM so I had to input the temp numbers by hand (+55 11 xxxx xxxx) and we weren't able to turn on the FaceTime.

    I thought that, once the numbers were finally ported, I would be able to use FaceTime again and that the phone would be capable from retrieve my number from the SIM automatically. What, ofc, didn't happen or I wouldn't be posting here.

    After reset, my iPhone still isn't being able to retrieve my number from the SIM (So I did that by hand again, what I think it can be part of the problem when Apple try to send me a SMS back for the activation) and FaceTime is still waiting for an eternal and disappointing activation. (It works out of the box bs)

    (SMS is working just fine for any other purpose)

    What is that "Claro IPhone Team" that you guys are in contact with? How can i reach them??

    Since I'm switching homes right now, I don't have a way to download the new upgrade (500++Mb FTL) to test it. Does that solve the problem?

    The instruction at were changed to "upgrade, try again, pray and gtfo if didn't work". Any Brazilian using Claro tried that?
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    Murilo you have two problems.
    1-Ported Number

    My Claro SIM can retrieve the number from the SIM, but even that is not possible to activate Facetime, When you tried to activate yours, do you get the SMS Error from +44 7786 205094 ? Because my ported number from Claro to Vivo, don't work at all, (even with Vivo), I don;'t get any erro SMS, my other (and new line) from Vivo works "öut of the box". until now I could not find anyone from Claro with FaceTime working. My only option was buy a new line from Vivo (non-ported).

    With 4.1 Beta still the same (Since I'm Dev, i did not try 4.01 on iPhone4)
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    The SMS error stopped after I got my old number at the new SIM. Even if I keep trying to activate FaceTime (looking forward to see my SMS bill).
  • Murilo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    How does the phone show your number at the Settings -> Phone screen!?

    +55 11 XXXX-XXXX format!?

    Just to be sure that Im configuring mine in the right way.
  • phamoui Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    with Vivo workd +55 11 XXXX-XXXX , 00 55 11 XXXX-XXXX e XXXX-XXXX.
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