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I just bought the new Mini and was hoping that I would be able to plug in both my monitor (mini Displayport) and projector (HDMI). When I plugged in the mini Displayport adapter the monitor wouldn't come on so I shut down and tried the HDMI adapter that came with the machine, which worked. So now it's all set up and ready to go but I can't get the mini Displayport to send video out. Am I missing a setting? Can you use both video outputs at the same time? I looked through the documentation and didn't find anything.

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Don't know if this helps or not, but I am using two monitors, one connected to each port. I didn't have to do anything special, I just plugged them in.

    Tom C.
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    Which m-DP adapter are you using and where did you get it? Some cheap adapters are not standards compliant and so do not work correctly with the mini.


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    What's at the other end of your Mini DisplayPort Adapter? VGA or DVI or HDMI or ? I ask because mDP adapters come in a lot of different flavors.

    Are you sure when the above was connected to your monitor that the monitor was set to the proper input?
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    I had the same experience - minidisplay port connected to a DVI monitor does not work by itself. No video signal - and yes I made sure it was set to DVI output and not VGA. I tried rebooting several times switching modes on the display back and forth to no avail. I also tried the same thing with a second monitor to be sure it wasn't a bad monitor. The standby lights on both monitors come on, but no signal. Then, lo and behold, when I plugged in the HDMI adapter and connected it to the same monitor with a DVI cable - voila, it worked! I could see my Mac Mini Desktop at last! So the question is, how does one get the minidisplay output to work on the new Mini? Maybe it is only meant to serve as as an extended screen output for a second monitor? I haven't tried that yet...