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I recorded a video at a friends wedding of their first dance on my iPhone 4. I was holding the phone in landscape orientation thinking this would give a better layout. All was fine while recording the 4 min video. BUT when i now play it back its is always in the wrong orientation (video is on its side) no matter what way i turn the phone.

But if i copy it to my PC then play it the PC plays it in its correct format. I though if i upload it to YouTube it would be ok but i was wrong its still playing it on its side.

Is there any way to fix this and know what the phone wont play video in the orientation it was record?

Windows 7
  • lungboy Level 1 (0 points)
    This seems to have happened after either of two things

    - manually copied MOV to desktop (PC)
    - synced iphone

    Also, it hasn't happened to all of my landscaped videos, just one.
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    This mis-orientation is a problem with the new iOS4 and it is a problem for videos as well as pictures.

    Take a portrait picture with your iphone and email it to yourself and you'll find that it gets emailed on its side.

    I don't think Apple is doing anything about it...
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    I was having the same problem. Orietation lock was off yet all videos and photos shot in landscape mode would not turn when trying to review them. I found the fix!!! Restart the phone and it cures it. My issues began on day 1, aggravating... But a complete reboot of OS4 solved it and the problem has not reoccured. Best of luck.
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    I have run into this same issue with my iPhone. Is there any easy way to fix the orientation of recorded video for playback on the Mac or for upload?

    iPhone was oriented in landscape when I took the video, but the iPhone as well as the Mac orient the video in portrait. VLC will play it back correctly, but everything else (including uploads) plays it back in portrait.