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    I don't, for the moment.

    For me, it is a higher priority to have a working phone...

    I will check going forward if there is a good way to put them back at least semi-automatically.

    This would also allow me to find out what made it break.


    Any help/tips on how to restore in groups of apps/contacts/... would be very welcome!

  • wontergg Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    I have put back my contacts, apps and calendar back on my iPhone, all separately with iTunes (I defined it as a new iPhone) and the problem is still gone!

    Wow, finally, after about 3 years, I have a phone that works!!! Thanks for the help! Let's hope it stays like this...

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    Actually If you reboot your phone it will open the applications that you had before the reboot open and load them into physical memory! So rebooting won't sort any drastic memory starvation problems. Only exiting them will!

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    Wow! You have a very high point for frustration! I would have called apple support after a week or two! That would probably have been the first thing they'd suggest you try!


    Same for Mac os x: you can install from a backup but if it doesn't work then install from the install media and migrate your settings and files from the backup. This is pretty much the same on iOS install as a new phone and there is just a prestine installation on the phone. Then you install your settings and data from iTunes.


    iTunes stores all your data from the phone if you synced so if you restore it as a new phone you will just have to check what you want o sync from iTunes again. Then again you do have a backup o the phone on your machine if you do run into trouble! So you can restore from backup or whatever.



    There are some software to dig around the backup on your computer.

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    I did and no, they didn't.


    It's always easy, looking backwards.

    But I have spent a _lot_ of time on this one.

    I called Apple support and went there many many times.

    We tried _many_ things: connect the charger, reboot, call from fixed line, exit all apps, delete all apps, reset & restore the phone from iTunes, have it warmer, have it colder, replace the phone , buy a new phone , check this thread, ... _Nothing_ helped.


    Until last week... Crazy...


    I hope some other people can enjoy this solution...

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    Apparantly, it was too good to be true:

    After 1.5 weeks, it started happening again.

    Then, now, I have the problem again for about 75% of the calls.



    Well, at least, we maybe have some direction to follow.

    Although, I have no clue what it would be then...

    Could it be a virus that is slowly creeping in again after you do a full erase?

    Anybody else extra experience with full erase?


    Hey, dear Apple,

    I'm sure you are very eager to test and solve this problem.

    On my device, it happens for 75% of the calls, So, this is ideal to do some good testing and solving the problem.

    So, I am willing to give you my special iPhone for only 2 times the normal shop price...



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    I have problems swiping to unlock and answer calls. I usually give the screen a firm tap and that usually allows me to swipe. Probably works about 80-90% of the time. 

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    I 'v also met this problem as well, Here's a suitable solve this problem :


    press mute and then press unmute...> then can slide to answer.. thanks.

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    Here is another solution that I have not tried, but I am going to try the next time it happens to me. I too have an iphone 4 which occasionally refuses to answer calls by me swiping. Here's the trick: when the phone rings, rather than swiping left to right, put your finger on the little phone  icon on the lower right. swipe up until the answer button shows up and click. It's possible this will work, but I don't know.

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    It seems to have improved with iOS 6.1.2. I now only have the problem in 40% of the cases.

    Jim, I tried your trick with the little phone icon, but that doesn't help: same problem.

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    Sadly, my trick didn't work at all. I thought it was brilliant - until I actually tried it...

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    There are a lot of posts here saying the same thing. I hope someone from Apple has the patience to read this far, because here's the thing people: THIS IS NOT AN APPLE PROBLEM.


    It's a technology problem. I ditched my iPhone3 for an iPhone4 because of this problem, and it still persisted. So I ditched Apple altogether and got a Nokia Lumia 820 with Windows 8, and guess what? I still can't swipe when the phone is ringing. All phones use the same technology for recognising touch, and it just doesn't work with some skin types. So why does it only happen when the phone is ringing? Read on...


    As the problem only occurs when the phone is ringing, here's a crazy theory:


    Different skin types have different electrical properties, such as resistance. This affects how well the screen can recognise your finger. If you've ever taken a polygraph test, you will know that the properties of your skin change according to your stress levels, such as when you are lying. These changes are very small, and almost intantaneous, that's why a polygraph works. If you tense up when the phone rings, and your skin type is already on the boundary of what the screen can recognise, this change in the electrical properties of your skin could be enough to stop it working at all.


    People have beaten polygraph tests by deliberately being annoyed throughout the test. This masks the slight changes which the polygraph reads, so we know it changes the properties of your skin.


    I don't know if this will work: Just before you try to answer the phone, take a deep breath and try to calm yourself. Some people feel a slight emotional jolt when the phone rings. It's a conditioned response. The age we live in has taught us that we MUST respond quickly to doorbells and phones. That slight boost in adrenaline could be enough to change the properties of your skin. Don't get angry with the phone either. Getting frustrated probably changes your skin's properties in a way that make it worse.


    Phone companies cannot reproduce the problem if they don't happen to test with someone who has skin like us. Also they are not answering real calls, so they probably don't get the slight adrenaline boost. They need to invite someone who has the problem to come in and help with testing.


    Ideally the whole industry needs to come up with a screen technology that solves this, it's not just Apple.

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    Funny story.

    I tried this by calling myself and indeed, I can always answer the phone then.

    It's a bit like the fact that you can't tickle yourself: you can't make yourself nervous... ;-)


    On the other side, I seem to remember that the screen reacts: the arrows move on the screen but there is no further reaction. That would off course prove that this is not the reason...


    Will research and test further later...

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    It happens to me too, but I notice that it happens only when the phone rings when I am listening to music then screen change to the "Slide to answer" view but then it, won't budge. When I am not using the phone, there is no problem what so ever.  So it has to be sofware related.

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    I wish Apple would fix it so you can answer calls by clicking  "Accept" or "Decline" like before. Forcing people to have to slide to answer is ridiculous and Apple is loosing a lot of customers because of it. I know several people that got rid of their iPhones and went elsewhere because of the slide to answer options. Apple so your customers a big favour and fix it.

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