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  • rellim08 Level 1 (0 points)
    For those still dealing with this issue... don't waste the time on power cycles. Keep a paperclip or sim removal tool in your pocket. Just pop the SIM out and slide it back in. That should temporarily fix it. But yes, this is a very frustrating problem. Hopefully you all can get to an Apple store that has a replacement in stock for you!!
  • letrfly Level 1 (0 points)
    Got the iPhone 4 last week. Immediately it would fail to find the SIM. It couldn't find the SIM when I hooked up to iTunes to register the phone! It was happening 5 -6 times per day, at random. The airplane mode toggle is the best fix, by the way. I installed a new app via iTunes and the problem seemed to be resolved - until yesterday when I got the no SIM error twice. And again this morning. C'mon, Apple!
  • Rusty0007 Level 1 (0 points)
    I too have had the dreaded 'no sim card installed' message. The phone worked flawlessly for 24 hours then started it. After spending 4 hours on the phone with Apple we decided on replacement. Before I did that, I ended up doing a forced restore,wiping the phone and re-installing OS4 without my old 3gS backup. The phone now is working perfectly. I'm not totally convinced it's fixed, but it's been 14 hours with no error. Before it couldn't go 14 minutes. Apple is clueless to this I guess. They are replacing tons of phones over a software issue. The tech I spoke to have never heard of the issue yet when you google it,it seems widespread.
  • gfs2008 Level 1 (10 points)
    I had the same NO SIM message, which first appeared a few days after having my iPhone4. I went to the Apple Store first because I also had what appeared to be the muting issue when using the phone.

    The Apple Store gave me a new phone for the muting issue, but discovered in transferring the SIM card that it was problematic too. Had a new SIM card installed at AT&T store a few steps down the mall (the Apple Store had run out of SIM cards) and it solved the problem. Frankly, I'm not sure if the phone needed to be replaced; I think the problem was a faulty SIM card from the start.

    The phone is working fine now. I think better than my older iPhone 3G. I'm temporarily using my old case from my 3G as a protector. Seems to have solved all the problems I was having.
  • Triple22 Level 1 (15 points)
    My iphonr has bin fine since the day i bought it. I dropped it in my car today no damage brilliant.
    Just moments ago my phone said no sim installed so i immediatly took it out and out of the holder blew on it and stuck back in. Its bin ok for past hour now if it goes again ill do same or reset my phone. If still no luck ill br paying a visit to apple and it wont be a good one!
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    Got the "no sim card installed" message on day 5 of iPhone 4 ownership. Spotted this forum. Took it into the local apple store (Solihull UK) that same day and they tested for a bout 5-10 minutes it and offered a new replacement , but with a 2 day delay until new stock was in. Fine by me as original phone would still work each time if i popped the sim out add put it back in....happened about 3x/day over the 2 day wait. Very helpful genius said known hardware fault, but wouldn't be more specific than that. Picked up replacement today...fingers crossed this one lasts a bit longer than 5 days!

    Don't waste time with restores and other faff if you get this no sim message and you're near an apple store...get it tested by the pro's and correctly diagnosed and fixed/swapped out (stock dependant!). Just make sure to get a genius appointment.
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    Exactly - no sim = hardware failure/defect. Don't waste time, get it back to Apple. Glad you are sorted mate =)
  • Ryan Aban Level 1 (5 points)
    I have this same error, just started today. Have had it since launch with no problems until now.

    I've already got a genius appointment for tomorrow, but just curious if anyone knows why this is happening? The blogs seem to have not picked it up yet. They are still in the 'death grip' mode.
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    I am so peeved right now - had my iphone4 for exactly 7 hours and am getting 'no sim' messages. Absolutley none of the "fixes" work and i can't get into an apple store until next week. I have no phone to use in the mean time, having cancelled my contract thinking apple would be able to sort themselves out!
    After paying so much for a phone I am not impressed that there is such a common and frustrating error - I may just go into an apple shop, get extremely angry then buy myself a blackberry with my refund - NOT HAPPY!
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    I made an appointment at the Genius Bar and they gave me new phone. I haven't had the missing SIM issue since. My original iPhone 4 was manufactured week 22, this one is week 26. Still have the proximity sensor issue though.
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    Got my phone yesterday, this started happening to my phone a few moments ago.

    Suggested fixes here include, taking your SIM card out? wiggling it around? dusting it off? Putting a piece of scotch tape on the metal?


    Next you'll be telling me to blow in the backside of it like we did with old Super Nintendo games.

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    how do you find the week your phone was manufactured?
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    I got this message several times on the 2nd day of owning the iPhone 4. I took the SIM card out and put it back in and I have not had the problem since then. It's been a few weeks now.
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    Take it to the Apple store, it's the only fix....... Maybe try standing on your head with your eyes crossed, tongue touching your nose, fingers crossed, naked, with the phone hanging from a nylon string with the proximity sensor covered with electrical tape, phone in a Plastic case with a bumper guard on it......

    Worth a shot
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    So...I got this message before I even got out of the Apple store on iPhone 4 birthing day (6/24)...went to the Genius bar and they replaced the sim after trying to re-seat it a couple of times...has worked fine since (3 Weeks now).

    Also, last week I heard about an issue with the sim cards shorting to the sim card tray...opened mine, took a look and sure enough, the contacts were touching the side of the tray. I did a little minor surgery to the sim card and now the contacts are not touching the tray anymore. (A pair of sharp scissors will trim them down nicely.) Not sure if the 2 issues are related, but it might be worth looking into.