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I have followed the instuctions on Itunes Troubleshooting Assitant; Verify requirements, Recharge iPhone, Check USB connections, Restart iPhone, Restart computer, Reinstall iTunes, but have had no change in the fact that Itunes does not read my Iphone. This is becoming very frustrating because before the upgrade their was nothing wrong with syncing my phone. Windows reads that my phone is connected but, Itunes does not...I have also deleted every application of apple's on my computer to try and fix the problem. Please help?

DELL XPS Desktop, Windows XP
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    Welcome to the discussions,
    did you check for any new BIOS updates for your computer? Did you make sure that Apple Mobile Device Service is still active? http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1567
    Did you check your security settings? http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3125
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    Yes, I did all that. Now I am at the point where I just uninstalled everything that had to do with Apple. However, now Itunes and QuickTime download process is stuck at the status stage. What can I do now?
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    Did you restart your computer after removing the software components? See this article for more info:
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    Yes. Just tried is again and it is stuck on the status phase of the download
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    Did you try to connect to another computer?
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    I figured how to fix the issues you we are having with the new software update that the Apple nerds haven't yet. My phone was sluggish and locking up. After I did this it performs flawless!

    1) you need to hook up your phone to itunes.

    2) go into your iphone menu's in itunes.

    3) deselect all your sync with menu's Contact's,notes, and app's. ALL OF THEM! be sure to not delete any of your info. It'll ask you to discard or save contact info and etc....

    4) Trust me on this! Restore your phone. After restore is complete. DO NOT RESTORE from back up! set up as a new phone. At the same time rename your phone so you can differentiate from old back ups of the phone.

    5) After you have done this you need to go back into your itunes Phone tabs and reapply your sync options. Your contacts, notes, and app's. BE SURE to click APPLY at the bottom of the page after clicking each check box in your sync menu's. You will see them sync with your itunes and shortly after will show up on your phone. The Phone will perform flawless after this. The only issue I ran into was that some apps I had, wont let me use my old user name becuase I forgot to save or didnt set up a password in them.

    LAST- you'll know if you did this right when you see that your Clock, Calculator, and Voice memo's are in a new folder type window.

    Please let me know how this helped you and if it fixed your phones ****** operation.
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    What about Music? Do I deselect Sync for that too?