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I was not sure whether to post this here or in discussion about Airport but I now suspect the problem is with the iMac. I have a first-generation Intel 20 inch iMac that I recently upgraded to a 1.5 TB internal drive from the (then top of the line) 500 GB drive it came with. The upgrade seemed to go without problems and I have worked inside Macs many times over the years, though the internal shielding on this unit was a big hassle to work with an did get torn in places. I had used cloning software to clone the 500 GB drive into the 1.5 TB before installation as a bootable and it booted right up.

The problem has been that it no longer can see my network. Naturally, I figured that I had fried the airport card inside when working there but the really strange thing is that it CAN see my neighbor's secure network, just not mine. I tried disabling all security on the network and re-typing the network name to no avail. I re-installed the OS on the mac and reset / reinstalled the configuration files on the modem as well. Next step if no one has any better ideas is to take the iMac "back to the OR" for some exploratory surgery, so to speak. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Robert

    Perhaps one of the antenna cables came loose at some point during the surgery and your hemorrhaging signal strength?

    http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Installing-iMac-Intel-20-Inch-EMC-2105-and-21 18-AirPort-Extreme/1084/4#s5768

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    Thanks Dennis.

    This is indeed what I suspect happened, though it is very weird that the computer can detect my neighbor's network a hundred yards away and not my own network which is just one floor and 10 feet away I suspect that perhaps the channel or something allows that to happen. I did see the computer briefly detect the network at low signal strength so the antenna is likely to blame. I'll try to post back results of the "revision diskectomy/transplant surgery" in case anyone searches on this thread in the future. Thanks again.
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    Good luck, keep us posted?
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    I am posting in case anyone searches this thread in the future - the problem was not what I thought it would be. I took the Mac back apart and checked the airport connection which seemed fine. I even repaired the places where I had torn the internal shielding with aluminum furnace tape in case that was part of the antenna, but no dice.

    In searching about the net on people with similar issues I found a post recommending to switch from auto-channel select on the Airport with Airport Utility to choosing a specific channel. I tried it (I happened to select channel 6) and it worked. I tried switching back to auto-select channel and it loses the network again, so I just designated 6 as my channel and everything works. Very weird, but I hope posting this helps someone.