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I have a brand new shiny iPhone 4. Yesterday, it was activated on the network. I turned it off and on and the activation started, I could make calls etc. But the Facetime icon, and Camera icon have vanished.

I have checked config (settings/phone/facetime).
I have checked restrictions (settings/general/restrictions - phone and facetime are greyed out, and cannot be changed).
I have checked all pages.
I have plugged it into XCode and looked at the logs.
I have rebuilt it (twice) from scratch as a new iPhone.

When I did a rebuild, it seemed to have the camera initially, but I synced the phone it lost the camera icon. I can't find any logged error information, or relevant topics on the net. What the **** is going on? I used the camera all weekend (while waiting for my number to port) and it took photos from both front and back cameras beautifully - so it clearly works. As does the video - again both front and back.

I would really like some advice. I thought it may be installing the GMSeed version of iOS4 from XCode when I rebuilt, but I checked with a colleague, and the OS Version 8A293 is identical. I'm using Vodafone UK. As is my colleague.

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