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Is there a faster way to delete email other than clicking on each one individually? Is there a way to "select all" or select multiple items? As of now, I have to click on hundreds of items to delete them. That, plus the inability to create a "save" or custom folder to save certain emails to, is a royal PIA. I'm about at the point where I'll be dumping this email completely. More trouble than it's worth.

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    Gmail has imap support which is great for making your own folders (they call them 'labels'). Then when you download your mail for the 1st time after setting up the account it downloads all your folders. If the email server you use doesn't support imap you could always open a gmail acct & forward all yor mail to it and set up folders that way. As far as "selecting all" to delete there's not a way I've heard of yet. You can click the 'edit' button at the top of the folder list and touch each one real fast to select it then click 'delete' to delete them all at once instead of hitting the trash can icon for each individual email. That may be the way you're doing it now though.
    I can't wait until we get some email client apps available.

    EDIT: I forgot to add-in Settings you can also set your iPad to delete mail in the trash after a specified number of days. I've got mine set to empty trash every day. That may not help you either but I'm tryin'!

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    If you are in your inbox, each has to be done individually. Apple support call the other night for something else, he mentioned the new OS 4 will have this feature.

    In the Trashbin empty, there is a delete all at the bottom in red after you click Edit.